Orotovox Rock N Wool Pant 185 – Men’s

High-performing & ultralight, this 185 Ortovox Rock N Wool pant is a must for outdoor adventures and winter athletes, alike.


The Ortovox Rock N Wool pant hugs your legs in all the right places. The fabric is form-fitting but not too tight to restrict your movement. Plus, the 3/4-length pant is great to reduce any sock-boot-legging irritation if you are skiing.

The 185 GSM, 100% Tasmanian Merino wool construction makes these base layer bottoms an excellent spring or autumn adventure choice. The fabric is a bit too thin for winter (unless you are wearing a bulky outer layer) and too thick for hot summer temperatures.

Moreover, the wool itself is sourced ethically and sustainable. Ortovox has its own certification called the Ortovox Wool Promise (OWP). They monitor and audit the farmers that produce their wool to ensure that they comply with proper animal welfare standards. So, when you’re purchasing Ortovox Merino wool products, you can be assured that the fabric was obtained ethically and sustainably.

In short, happy sheep make better wool. Thus, passing on that happiness to you as an end-user.

Ortovox Rock N Wool Pant – Specs & Features:

  • 100% Virgin Merino wool sourced from Tasmania
  • 185 GSM lightweight fabric thickness
  • 19-micron fiber diameter (slightly higher than the industry average)
  • Athletic fit: length to mid-calf
  • Weight: 6.2 oz
  • 4 colors available
    • green forest blend, grey blend, night blue blend, yellow corn blend


  • Lightweight Merino wool fabric offers plenty of breathability
  • Excellent athletic/second-skin fit for a base layer
  • 3/4-length great for skiing to reduce chafing


  • Not suitable as only layer for frigid environments
  • Relatively expensive as compared with other options

Best For:

Adventure | Biking | Camping | Hiking | Running | Training | Winter Sports

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Additional information

Merino Percentage

>95% Merino Wool

Fabric Density (gsm)

185 – 220 Lightweight

Fiber Thickness (microns)



Form-Fitting / Athletic


Biking, Camping, Running, Winter Sports, Hiking, Adventure, Training

Colors Available