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Honestly, in all my years never thought it could be done. But Woolly has somehow managed to create Merino wool clothing’s holy grail: the NatureDry LOFT Puffy.

The Seattle-based brand has ban making waves in the wool industry as of late. Their strive to create “Merino Foundation Wear” has brought the love of wool from the outdoor industry into everyday life.

They asked for $15,000 on Kickstarter (basically funding for pre-orders and marketing), but since received over $230,000 $330,000+ for their new Merino wool jacket as of May 21st, 2021. Woolly met their original goal in under thirty minutes. Incredible. It’s their third Kickstarter installment. If you include their current campaign, they have raised over one million dollars for their clothing.

For Woolly Clothing Co, it’s all about creating sustainable fashion that also performs at a high level. The mission of phasing plastic (synthetics) out of your wardrobe has come one step closer.

Woolly Clothing Men's Merino LOFT Puffy
Woolly Clothing Women's Merino LOFT Bomber

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‘All The Cozy Puff, None Of The Nasty Stuff’

The jacket itself is made for all weather conditions and is insulated with a lightweight Merino wool loft. This isn’t the first time Merino Loft has been used in a down jacket. Icebreaker has a whole line of wool-insulated jackets (like the Men’s MerinoLoft™ Helix Hooded Jacket). But, as you will see, the NatureDry Loft Puffy is the first that features an all-Merino, waterproof outer shell.

Yes, It Has A Waterproof Merino Shell

The shell is crafted from waterproof Merino (a new knitting technique I’m excited to analyze when I can get my hands on one). According to their Kickstarter video, the Merino shell is windproof, waterproof (sheds water), durable, and ‘snowballproof.’

So, you may be wondering how in the world Woolly was able to create a waterproof shell out of Merino. It turns out that they use a specialized technique that weaves the Merino threads under extreme tension. When the stress is released, the fibers pull back together, forming a nearly watertight barrier.

Initial Thoughts: Performance

I think that this jacket will be much more breathable than some of the weatherproof synthetic shells on the market. Still, I’m hesitant about the amount of warmth it will provide compared to something like a Patagonia Down puff. Time will only tell since the first release of the jacket will be in January 2022.

I’m also a bit skeptical about the water-resistance properties, as the Merino shell is the first of its kind. Still, Woolly has proven time and time again.

Initial Thoughts: Style & Features

From their Kickstarter video and pictures, it looks like this jacket is built for all-activities. The wider baffles are somewhat fashionable, while the overall cut tapers to the body.

Moreover, the NatureDry Loft Puff comes with several additional features. There is a removable hood, insulated pockets, waterproof zipper, high-rise neck cuff (like a scarf), internal pockets, and more.

Honestly, the style itself reminds me of Baubaux’s travel jacket, but with a little more puff. I’ll try to go more in-depth about the features when it comes out. I don’t want to be too quick to judge them yet.

Initial Thoughts: Pricing

As you can imagine, this jacket is going to cost you a little bit. The initial price tag from Woolly is $449, but they are offering 22%-41% off for those who pledge to their Kickstarter campaign.

Is it worth it?

Genuinely, it depends on who you are.

I think I will use this jacket for every activity under the sun, and even the stars. But, if you’re just an occasional adventurer or are low on funds, you may want to think twice about shelling out your hard-earned money.

Nature Dry Loft Price

Final Thoughts on The Woolly Clothing NatureDry Loft Puffy

I’m still on the verge of pre-ordering, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’ve got other Merino wool gear to explore first as I try to be as thorough as possible.

However, I have a solid feeling this jacket is going to be legit. There isn’t much of a risk with the investment, as Woolly has proven their commitment to their backers in the past.

If you want to peruse more of Woolly’s collection, check out their website. For more Merino wool gear news, updates, and more, follow us on Instagram or check out the rest of our site!

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