The quest for the perfect bra is never-ending, so obtaining an ideal mix of comfort and support is essential when you buy. The fabric must regulate moisture and should stay fresh for days at a time. And that’s where the Merino wool bra comes in.

The benefits of Merino wool are immense, but they truly shine through when it comes to bras and underwear. The odor-resistant properties provide a long-term level of freshness that you don’t see with synthetic bras. And, even though Merino wool is softer and more delicate than competing fibers, your bra shouldn’t be experiencing too many snags or tears if worn as an undergarment.

Merino wool bras are a must-have for any eco-conscious, comfort-loving woman on the go. From sports bras to bralettes, racerbacks to straps, we’ve put together a list of the 12 best Merino wool bras on the market. There’s bound to be a bra on here that meets all your needs, so let’s start exploring.

**Updated October 2022*

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What We Look For In A Merino Wool Bra

When shopping for a bra – Merino wool or not – there are always several factors to consider. You may think about what outfits you can match the bra with or where/how you will wear it. Although for us, the most crucial factor is how the bra will make us feel. We want supportiveness, but not to the point of restriction; comfort, but not to the point of droopiness. And with Merino wool, you get many of these desired features while minimizing the bad.

However, since comfort and support are often subjective criteria, we chose more objectivity within our reviews. Subsequently, there are seven main categories that we looked at for each Merino wool bra.

Now, let’s take a brief look at each.

Merino wool bra criteria

Wool Composition

Although we are huge Merino wool lovers, more wool doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. The higher the wool composition, the more comfortable and odor-resistant the fabric. However, this also means a more delicate bra that may not be as durable as synthetic alternatives. By understanding the material composition and micron level, you can better discover a Merino wool bra that suits your needs.

Fabric Weight

You may think of wool as a cold-weather fabric, yet it does more than just keep you warm. Merino wool regulates your body’s microclimate in both cool and hot environments. And the fabric weight has a lot to do with this temperature management.

For warm temperatures, it’s best to wear an ultralight Merino wool bra which breaths easier. However, the thinner material makes it less durable. For cooler temperatures, look for higher gsm fabrics that offer more protection. 

Impact Rating

If you’re hitting the cardio hard, you’ll need a sports bra that won’t move against you. And as you may know, a dependable sports bra can drastically improve athletic performance.

Many Merino wool sports bras are characterized by their impact level. The higher the impact level, the more support that the bra provides. We divided the impact rating into three categories: low, medium, & high.

Impact RatingRecommended Activity
lowhiking, walking, yoga, everyday
mediumjogging, lifting weights, aerobics
highteam sports, HIIT training

Let’s be honest: not all the bras on this list will be best for every boob size, and it’s just the nature of Merino wool as a fabric. However, we did try to give our best advice on recommended cup size so that you can choose the best bra for you (and your boobs).

A feature to look for is the cup shape. A bra may look like a good fit, but you may have issues if the contour isn’t correct. Also, just because we ‘rate’ the cup shapes and sizes does not mean they will (or won’t) fit your body type. Make sure to explore each bra a bit further to better gauge the fit and imagine how it may feel on you.

Padding & Inserts

Padding can be a significant buying consideration, especially for Merino wool bras, depending on your desired use. Many options here come with removable padding or insert pockets for you to add your own. Still, some rely on knitting techniques and fabric thickness as makeshift ‘padding.’ So, it’s important to distinguish between the two.

Note: In our experience, any ultralight or lightweight bra without padding may show your nipple outline. So, if you don’t want to look like Jennifer Anniston in every episode of Friends, you’ll need a bit of padding.

Styles & Colors

If you’re a fitness chick or love the activewear look, you understand the importance of a stylish sports bra. Some have unique racerbacks or straps that can add to your athletic look. Others come in various colors to match your favorite pairs of Merino wool leggings.

Merino Wool Bra Styles

Also, if you see a Merino wool bra that you like but don’t have your desired color, feel free to contact us. We consistently work with brands about new releases; maybe one of your color suggestions may someday make it onto their product page.

‘True Price’

While $50 for a Merino wool bra may sound ridiculous initially, you have to look at the overall lifelong value you are obtaining. Merino wool blends last longer, and you won’t have to wash them as much. Thus, you are saving money and time on doing the laundry every week. Plus, if you’re hesitant about durability, many Merino wool brands have extensive warranties covering unforeseen circumstances.

In other words, don’t let a numerical price tag ever stop you from exploring an item further.

Best Overall Merino Wool Bra

Ibex Balance Sports Bra

59% Merino | Midweight | A – D | Medium | Removable foam padding | | $$$$

Ibex Balance Sports Bra

Pros: Climate adaptability | No digging or itching | Fantastic all-around performance

Cons: Pads need improvement | Sizing discrepancies | No neutral color options

If there was ever a poster child for Merino wool bras, it would be the Ibex Balance Sports Bra. Every feature about this thing shows why we love Merino wool so much. The overall comfort is impressive as the soft, low-micron wool feels ‘barely-there’ while still offering support. Moreover, the seamless design reduces itches, digging, and unforeseen adjustments.

Yet, the feature that we love the most with this Ibex bra is its climate adaptability. And yes, that may sound like fancy terminology, but we mean it. Merino wool keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And it stays fresh the whole time! Therefore you have more time to wear it, and less need to wash it. A match made in heaven.

On the other hand, there are a few minor issues we’ve noticed. The removable foam cups are a bit flimsy, so it may be best to get your own. Also, many users have reported sizing inconsistencies, so check the Ibex sizing charts carefully before purchasing.

In short, the Ibex Balance Sports Bra is by no doubt the best all-around Merino wool bra on the market. The pros far outweigh the cons, and I’d venture to see if there was ever a perfect bra; this may be it. So, check one out for yourself today!

Best Merino Bra Runner-Up

Smartwool Seamless Strappy Bra

70% Merino | Lightweight | A – C | Med. impact | Thick knit & removable foam | | $$$

Tea Rose Smartwool Strappy Merino Wool Bra

Pros: Unique strap design | Tear-resistant synthetic shell | High-quality knit cups for support

Cons: Lack of adjustable straps | Not the most odor-resistant | Manufacturing inconsistencies

There’s a reason that Smartwool tops a lot of our reviews: they make high-quality Merino wool gear. And, their uniquely-designed Seamless Strappy Bra is no exception. It is comfortable, versatile, and is sure to look good in your bra rotation.

We’ll start off with the unique multi-strap look. Many Merino bras come with your typical racerback or cloth backing, but Smartwool went a different direction. The six-strap design (three over each shoulder) allows this bra to be worn as a standalone piece that may even turn some heads. Although, we have one negative: the straps are not adjustable, leading to potential fit issues.

Still, the Merino wool liner and full-synthetic exterior make the Smartwool Seamless Strappy Bra a bit different. It feels comfortable and has improved durability in case of snags. However, we’ve noticed that the synthetic fabric holds more odor than higher wool composition bras. It’s not a significant issue, but still something worth noting.

Overall, if you’re looking for a functional sports bra with a fashionable twist, then this bra is for you. If you like some of the features but are put off by the strap design (which there are multiple versions), Smartwool makes a more traditional sports bra, too. Still, we think you’d look great in this strappy bra, so look for yourself!

Best Value Merino Wool Bra

Eizniz Merino Wool Sports Bra

68% Merino | Lightweight | A – B | Low-to-med. impact | Removable padding | | $

Pros: Excellent price-to-performance ratio | Soft, all-day comfort | Good coverage

Cons: Not great for bigger boobs | Not for anything more than jogging | Must launder with care

As you may have already noticed, merino wool bras can be expensive even when using the ‘true price.’ However, there are value options available for those that a working on a tighter budget. And out of these alternatives, the Eizniz Merino Wool Sports Bra stands apart.

Note About Value: Just because a bra is cheaper does not mean it is worse in quality. Take a look into each feature to see if it meets your needs instead of passing over each product due to the price tag.

The fabric is a bit heavier than the ultralight options (both 170 and 190 gsm available), making this bra more versatile for four-season use. Also, the soft Merino wool provides maximum comfort for daily low-impact activities. In other words, you will be comfortable and protected all-day – and all year – long.

Overall, on a level of simplicity, comfort, and usage, you can’t beat the value of this Eizniz Merino wool bra. We mean, you can get it for nearly half the price of the other options on this list. So, why not get two while you’re at it!

Best Merino Wool Sports Bra

Mons Royale Sierra Sports Bra

83% Merino | Ultralight | A – C | Med. impact | Removable padding | | $$$$

Pros: Soft next-to-skin comfort | Fantastic temperature control | Straps do not dig

Cons: Not the best standalone piece | Hold dependent upon fit | Relatively expensive

The Mons Royale Sierra Sports Bra is a versatile, high-performing piece of Merino wool gear for any adventurer. The cut itself is sporty and slim-fitting, meaning that it hugs your curves in all the right places. Moreover, the ultralight, 140-gsm fabric acts as an air conditioner, keeping you cool all day long.

Still, there are a few issues to look out for. We like the minimalist design as it improves the versatility. However, it’s not your typical standalone bra. In our humble opinion, you will want to pair a t-shirt or tank top with it for maximum results. Also, some user-reported fit issues may affect impact rating. We haven’t experienced anything too negative, but it’s essential to give you all sides of the story.

In short, Mons Royale is a solid choice if you’re looking for a Merino wool sports bra. It may be on the pricier side, but the high-quality material and updated fit are worth it. Check one out below!

Best Classic Look Merino Bra

Icebreaker Siren Bra

83% Merino | Ultralight | A – C | Low impact | No padding | Adjustable Strap | | $$$

Icebreaker Siren Bra Gray

Pros: Fantastic back design | Adjustable straps for a better fit | Maximum breathability

Cons: Doesn’t hide nipples well | Little overall support | Cup shape is not suited for all boobs

As Merino wool is a natural performance fabric, we tend to see it used in activewear bras like those previously reviewed. However, there are a few brands that have designed more everyday, versatile Merino wool bras. And Icebreaker – with their Siren adjustable strap bra – is one of them.

Instead of focusing on performance features, we would like to highlight more the style of this bra. It has a much more feminine and elegant look as opposed to its competitors. You’ll have more outfit options to pair with this bra. It’s this sense of freedom and versatility – in combination with soft, Merino comfort – why we love all of Icebreaker’s products.

One of the main downfalls of the Icebreaker Siren bra is its low impact rating. It is suitable for light activities with less chance of bouncing. But if you are more active, you’ll need to look for a bra with more support. Also, the cup shape and non-adjustable may lead to potential sizing issues. So, it’s best to consult Icebreaker’s sizing charts before buying.

To sum up, the Icebreaker Siren Bra shouldn’t set off too many alarms, and it’s a great piece in any capsule wardrobe. Still, we’d suggest you also get a pair of inserts to avoid any puckering.

Best Merino Wool Bralette

Ridge Merino Bralette

83% Merino | Lightweight | A – C | Low impact | No padding | Reattachable straps | | $$

Ridge Merino Bralette

Pros: Silhouette structure enhances fit | Adjustable strap design | Affordable price

Cons: Limited support | Straps may be ‘revealing’ | Color options could be improved

For summer hikes, hot yoga, and even around the house, you may not need a heavy-duty sports bra. Instead, it’s best to opt for a light, airy bralette that provides a slight amount of hold. While most popular Merino wool brands make some form of bralette or cami, the Ridge Merino Bralette stood out from the crowd.

Overall, we love the comfort and freedom of movement that this bralette provides. The silhouette-like construction offers plenty of support, but in our opinion, you shouldn’t wear it for high-bounce activities. Still, we do agree with Ridge Merino when they claim that this top is “the perfect balance between concealed and revealed.

Moreover, this bralette may look simple, but there are plenty of added performance features. The fabric itself is a lightweight Merino blended with synthetics for industry-leading durability. That is why even with the straps so thin (some would say revealing), you shouldn’t have to worry about warping or ‘bacon neck.’

To sum up, the Ridge Merino Bralette is a versatile, comfortable piece of Merino wool gear. It pairs nicely with leggings, a base layer, and, honestly, most other Merino wool closet pieces today. So, check out the Swiss Army Knife of Merino bras today!

Best Merino Wool Bra For Hiking

Ortovox Rock N Wool Sport

100% Tasmanian Merino | Lightweight | A – D | High impact | Inserts | | $$$$

Ortovox Rock N Wool Bra

Pros: Great hold for taller women | Excellent outdoor comfort | Merino incorporated in padding

Cons: Questionable long-term durability | Relatively expensive | Limited color options

Ortovox typically makes apparel for alpine expeditions, using Merino wool as a performance layer in their clothing. However, the Ortovox Rock N Wool Sports Bra takes this mountaineering performance and brings it into your daily life.

We’ll start with the performance features because this bra is full of them. The 100% wool, the 19-micron fabric feels comfortable and supportive against your skin, and it regulates your temperature nicely. We’d venture to say that this bra is the highest-rated impact level on our list, too!

Oh yeah, even the inserts are made with a bit of Merino, so they don’t stink!

These self-titled ‘Wool Experts‘ are on a mission to showcase their wool clothing’s performance and sustainability. Throughout their years as wool innovators, Ortovox has developed its own safe industry standard. The Ortovox Wool Promise (OWP) focuses on animal welfare, safe harvesting practices, and environmental protection. And this attention and compassion toward nature transfer to their ethical business practices.

So, if you’re looking for a sustainable Merino wool bra that performs at the highest level, look no further. The Ortovox Rock N Wool Bra is a fantastic sports bra solution for those that want to go the extra mile – on the track and toward a greener future.

Best Merino Wool Bra For Travel

Branwyn Essential Bralette

81% Merino | Lightweight | A – D | Low impact | 2-ply cup | Adjustable Strap | ● | $$

Branwyn Essential Bralette

Pros: Minimalist, functional design | Adjustable straps for a better fit | Comparatively affordable

Cons: No padding or insert pockets | May feel tight at first | Limited contour

The Branwyn Essential Bralette is a must-have for any travel enthusiast. The sleek, stylish, and functional design pairs well with nearly any outfit. Moreover, the adjustable straps lead to a more supportive, comfortable fit. It’s for sure a versatile, functional piece of Merino wool gear, making it the perfect bra for traveling.

Yet, what we love the most is the high-functioning Merino blend fabric. The material is naturally moisture-wicking, which keeps any boob sweat situation under control. Also, since Merino wool doesn’t hold odor, you don’t have to pack as many bras in your suitcase.

However, if you’re looking for extra padding, you may want to venture elsewhere. The Branwyn Essential Bralette does have two-ply cups to minimize nipple outlines. Still, there is no padding or insert pockets. In addition, the elastic band may feel tight for some, so size out each bra properly.

Nevertheless, the neutral colors and comfortable design make it perfect for life on the road or in the air. And, as the name would suggest, it’s an ‘Essential‘ piece in any capsule wardrobe. The less you worry about packing, the more you can experience the journey.

Best Merino Wool Crossover

Oiselle Wazzie Wool Crossover Bra

Merino blend | Midweight | A – D | Low-to-med. impact | No padding | ● | $$$

Oiselle Wazzie Wool Crossover Bra

Pros: Great hold & support | Fantastic temperature management | Crossover suitable for large chests

Cons: Elastic band may feel too short | Taller women may have issues | Lack of padding

Not all sports bras are made for high-bounce activities. There are plenty of low movement bras perfectly suited for activities like yoga, Pilates, or hiking. The Oiselle Wazzie Wool Crossover Bra is one of them. With excellent front and back coverage, we suggest this Merino wool bra for nearly all cup sizes.

What makes this Merino wool crossover bra unique is the fabric itself. The knitted blend of wool and spandex – what Oiselle calls ‘Wazzie Wool’ – offers an ample amount of comfort and support. And while there is not any padding incorporated, the thicker knit fabric can handle most nipple outline situations.

However, we continually review the good with the bad. And we have mixed feelings about the elastic band. Personally, we haven’t seen any issues, but we’re not that tall. And taller women who we’ve spoken to seem to think the band is too short and can dig a bit into your chest. It may be best to study the size charts before buying to combat this issue.

Overall, the Oiselle Wazzie Wool Crossover Bra is an excellent choice for added coverage during low-impact activities. Check one out below, or see the rest of Oiselle’s Wazzie Wool collection here.

Best Wool Bra for Small Chests

Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Bra

96% Merino | Lightweight | A – B | Low-to-med. impact | Pocket inserts | ● | $$$$

Icebreaker Merino Wool Bra Maroon

Pros: Quick-drying and moisture-wicking | No pinching or rubbing | Fantastic climate adaptability

Cons: Low hold | Not great for large breasts | May need inserts for liners

Some of us smaller-breasted girls may not need the extra padding or support that many of these Merino wool bras provide. And if that’s the case with you, the Icebreaker Sprite Racerback may be the right Merino wool bra for you. The durable, corespun wool design provides comfort and protection in most sporting environments. Pinching and rubbing are reduced to a minimum so you can achieve maximum performance.

As with many of the wool sports bras listed, the Icebreaker Sprite also does a fantastic job regulating your temperature. The lack of padding allows more heat to escape, thus, cooling you down while you exercise. Yet, the soft Merino fabric provides an extra layer of protection from the cold in the winter. The Sprite racerback is genuinely a year-round bra.

However, if you have larger boobs, I’m jealous, and this bra may not be the best for you. Some users have reported that the construction and shape aren’t the best for anything more than a C cup. Still, we haven’t experienced this issue because, well, we don’t have big enough boobs to say otherwise!

In short, the Icebreaker Racerback Sprite is a solid choice for a Merino wool sports bra. In addition, there are over a dozen colors and patterns. So, there’s bound to be a style that fits you!

Best Merino Wool Bra For Winter

Janus Merino Wool Sports Bra

100% Merino liner | Midweight | A – C | Med. impact | No padding | Gray | $$$

Pros: High-quality material | Excellent frontal coverage | Crafted in Norway

Cons: Rarely in stock | Reported sizing discrepancies | Limited color options

When it’s chilly outside, you need a bra with full coverage to help keep you warm. However, it shouldn’t be too bulky to shape the outline of your clothes. And that’s why the Janus Merino Wool sports bra is perfect for such situations. There is plenty of coverage, a low-profile design, and fantastic thermoregulation properties!

The exterior of the bra is synthetic, which adds to the overall durability. However, the entire liner is 100% non-woven Merino wool. Therefore, your microclimate stays regulated even in harsh winter conditions. Plus, the full-back design gives you a bit of extra protection.

Still, there are a few downsides to this bra. For one, it’s nearly impossible to get in your size. There are a few drops each year, but you have to be on the lookout. Also, as with all Merino wool bras, there have been reported sizing discrepancies. Other than that, we don’t have much to complain about.

And while there are thicker Merino wool bras on the market, you’ve got to trust Janus with the Merino wool winter gear. They are from Norway, and it’s winter most of the year there. So, you know their Merino wool products are going to be warm and functional. And this wool sports bra is no exception.

Best Merino Wool Nursing Bra

Boob Design Nursing Sleep Bra

94% Wool | Midweight | B – D | Low impact | Minimal padding | Dark gray | $$$$$

Pros: Ease of accessibility | 24-hour comfort | Certified by OEKO-TEX & GOTS

Cons: Limited color options | Potential sizing discrepancies | Not great for small breasts

We’ve covered sports bras, bralettes, and even classic looks. Subsequently, as Merino wool is versatile, it also makes the perfect material for a nursing bra. And the Boob Design Nursing Bra is the best of the bunch.

With this bra, you get all the features of a standard nursing bra. There is a supportive fit, easy access for feedings, and a functional design for various situations. However, with this bra from Boob Designs, you get Merino wool’s soft, luxurious comfort. The 94% wool composition is felt gentle against the skin, which is crucial for nursing nipples (trust me, my son wasn’t the easiest to feed).

In addition to the sustainable nature of Merino wool, the materials in this bra are certified by leading organic organizations. This Boob Designs Merino wool nursing bra has been blessed by OEKO-TEX and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). In other words, when you wear this bra, both the planet – and your boobs – will be a little more comfortable.

Still, the enhanced comfort features leave this wool nursing bra on the more expensive end of the spectrum. Yet we feel that it’s well worth the price. And if you are deterred by the limited color options, just keep an eye out as new colors are often released each season.

Final Note About The Best Merino Wool Bras

And there you have it, the best Merino wool bras for women. We’ve covered classic looks like the Icebreaker Siren to high-impact sports bras like the Mons Royale Sierra. Heck, we were even able to cover a Merino wool nursing bra that is sure to help new moms relax – well, at least a little.

If you still aren’t sure which type of Merino wool bra will match your lifestyle, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (icons below). We are always willing to help out a fellow Merino lover in their quest for the perfect Merino Wool Gear.

Moreover, if you’re looking for deals and discounts on bras, underwear, or anything crafted from Merino wool, you can join our newsletter. We send two emails per month maximum, and anything more, we would unsubscribe ourselves. So, sign-up below!

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