Summer is here, and that means the hot weather is too! If you’re looking for a way beat the heat in comfort and style, a Merino wool tank top is an excellent choice!

Merino wool is a natural fiber known for its moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and temperature-regulating properties. It’s also soft, comfortable, and durable. And when you take away the sleeves, you get one ultralight and fashionable piece of summer clothing.

So, if you’re looking for a new Merino wool tank top, you’ve come to the right place. We always look for the latest and most extraordinary Merino wool clothing at Merino wool gear. And today, we’ll cover our seven favorite tank tops to cool off this summer. Hopefully, you will discover one that works best for you!

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What To Look For In A Merino Wool Tank Top

Before we get into each tank top, you must understand what to look for, mainly because Merino wool clothing can be tricky. We classify each piece into four categories – composition, weight, style, & features – so you can better gauge which shirt works best for you! Let’s elaborate a bit on each.

Merino Wool Composition

Merino Wool Composition

We always think that the more Merino wool in the fabric, the better. However, blending wool with some synthetics does help to add strength and durability. Some brands even incorporate spandex for more stretch and recovery (although Merino wool also has plenty of natural stretch).

When looking through these tanks, determine which activity you’ll use them for. If the fabric might snag or catch, you’ll want to stick with a mixture of Merino wool and synthetics. However, you can’t beat a pure Merino wool tank top for casual everyday wear.

Fabric Weight

Although Merino wool performs well in all seasons, fabric weight plays a prominent role in its success. Midweight and heavier fabrics (225+ gsm) work better in colder climates, while ultralight and lightweight materials (120-190 gsm) cool you down in warm conditions. Also, your temperature regulation level will be affected by your activity level. The more you work, the lighter the fabric needs to weigh. Check out the graph that better explains how activity level plays a role in temperature control.

Merino Wool Layering Chart From Minus33

As more these Merino wool tanks, we typically see fabric weights on the lighter side. Tops weighing 160-200 gsm are better for travel and everyday wear, while anything <150 gsm is best for moisture management, so high-movement activities or super hot climates. Although, the thinner the material, the more prone to tears. Just be mindful of the fabric while browsing these Merino wool tank tops so you don’t have to return them!

Fit & Style

Three Different Merino Wool Tank Top Styles

Which do you like better: track tanks or muscle tanks? Do you even know the difference?! While much of the style terminology varies among brands, please don’t get hung up on it. Focus on how the tank top fits (athletic, regular, etc.) and how it might work into your wardrobe. There are dozens of style, design, fit, and color combinations. So, there’s bound to be one that matches your style.

And if there isn’t, don’t worry. Contact us if you’re looking for a specific fit, style, color, etc.; we’re always happy to help you build your Merino wool closet!

Design Features

Usually, a tank top is just a tank top. Well, not with Merino wool. Brands add small design features throughout the top depending on which activity it’s best designated for. For example, pure Merino wool tanks may have tagless interiors or flatlock seams for comfort. Or if you’re wearing the tank out hiking, you may want offset shoulder seams to prevent strap chafing from your pack.

Merino Wool Tank Top Common Design Features

Look at the image above for some of Merino wool tank tops’ more common design features. Some we’ll discuss today have a few, others none at all. It’s simply about understanding where you’ll wear the tank and determining if the design features – or lack thereof – aid your performance.

Best Overall Merino Wool Tank Top

Icebreaker Men’s ZoneKnit™ Merino Tank

60% TENCEL™, 40% Merino Wool | 125 gsm | Regular fit | 2 styles | $$$$

Icebreaker Men's ZoneKnit™ Merino Tank Gray

Pros: Super ultralight & breathable | Top-notch performance features | Affordable with sale

Cons: Limited color options | Size down for next-to-skin fit

When we do these best Merino wool gear reviews, Icebreaker usually breaks into the top three for a good reason; they make some of the most innovative, technical, and stylish Merino wool apparel on the market! And their men’s ZoneKnit Merino Tank is no different. At first glance, it may look like a simple tank, but plenty of extraordinary performance features are hidden among this ordinary facade.

According to Icebreaker, their ZoneKnit™ design has “body mapping technology.” This is meant to regulate your core temperature – no matter the external temperature – so your body can perform optimally. The Cool-Lite™ fabric and back eyelet mesh ventilation allow airflow while wicking moisture away from your body and into the atmosphere. There are even offset shoulder seams, reducing friction and rubbing from backpack straps. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind performance tank top!

Still, there are two ‘cons‘ worth noting if you’re considering this top. For one, the fit isn’t as athletic as you may expect. So, if you want a tight next-to-skin layer, it’s best to size down. And two, this tee has limited size and color availability. Only the gray – and a unique geodetic pattern – are available for now. Perhaps Icebreaker releases more options as they often do when the seasons change. We’ll have to wait and see!

Overall, the Icebreaker ZoneKnit™ Tank is the pinnacle of fabric performance technology all wrapped up in a minimalist design. If you’re interested in getting one, check out the link below or head over to Icebreaker to see the entirety of their tee and tank collection.

Runner-Up: Best Merino Wool Tank

Smartwool Men’s Active Ultralite Tank

53% Merino, 47% TENCEL™ | 150 gsm | Athletic fit | 3 colors | $$$

Smartwool Men's Active Ultralite Tank Orange

Pros: Excellent temperature & moisture management | Only 3 oz. total | Technical elements for running

Cons: Not 100% abrasion resistant | Long hem may be cumbersome to some

Coming in as the runner-up – more for its purpose rather than its rank – is the Smartwool Active Ultralite tank. The material is a nearly 50-50 Merino-TENCEL™ blend, offering the best qualities of each fabric. You get the durability & moisture-wicking properties of the sustainable TENCEL™ and the comfort, temperature regulation, and odor resistance from the Merino wool. You really get the best of both worlds!

And, if you’re a daily runner, Smartwool has all the technical features you’re looking for to achieve your personal best. The ultralight fabric weight & fit are the best for moisture management and ventilation. Moreover, the soft feel of the fabric – in combination with the flatlock seams – help reduce chafing. There’s even a reflective element if you’re a late-night or early-morning jogger. It has everything you need to keep on pushing, day in and day out!

When considering these Merino wool tank tops, understand the Smartwool Active tank top is an excellent choice for those who don’t mind breaking a sweat. It may look just like a simple tank, but there are plenty of performance features for you to keep running along. And that’s all real runners ever want, right? To just keep running along.

Best Merino Wool Tank For The Gym

Woolly Men’s Track Tank

100% Merino wool | 150 gsm | Athletic fit | 6 colors | $$

Woolly Mens Merino Track Tank Black

Pros: Simple yet versatile design | Comfort features | Great color selection

Cons: Longterm durability concerns | Arm holes may feel wide for some

When it’s time to hit the gym, a Merino wool tank top makes an excellent training partner. It will help regulate your core temperature so you don’t overheat, and you can get 3-4 wears out of it before washing. That’s because Merino wool is odor-proof! So after a sweaty workout, give it some time to dry, and it should be ready for the next time you hit the gym. And whenever I exercise, one of the essentials of my gym bag is the Woolly track tank.

Editor’s Note: What’s the difference between a Merino wool track tank and a tank top? Well, nothing much except a more athletic fit. And track tanks typically have skinnier shoulder straps which provide a deeper scooped neckline. And if the armholes feel too large, Woolly offers all the different tee and tank top varieties. So, look at their Merino wool tank collection and pick which shirt design works best for you!

The Woolly track tank performs exceptionally well in the gym due to its unique wool-spandex blend, athletic fit, and natural fabric properties. Plus, with the skinny shoulder design, you’ll look great while doing curly in the mirror. Yet just be careful around sharp racks or old machines, as this fabric can catch and tear easily. Luckily, this isn’t as much an issue due to the tighter fit, but still an issue worth noting.

Finally, while we’ve crowned this tank the king of the gym, it can serve you throughout daily life. You can pair it with a light jacket or wear it to a beach party. And with six unique colors to choose from, there’s bound to be one that screams ‘you.’

Best Merino Wool Tank For Travel

Unbound Merino Tank Top

100% Merino wool | 165 gsm | Classic fit | 2 colors | $$$$

Unbound Merino Men's Tank Top

Pros: High-quality fabric | Quick-drying & packable | Versatile travel layer

Cons: Slightly Expensive | Limited color options

If you’re hopping from city to city, a Merino wool tank top can become an essential piece in your carry-on. Wear it on the beach, run, or under a sweater for warmth. It’s one of the few Swiss army knives of travel clothing. And when it comes to Merino wool travel gear, nobody does it better than Unbound Merino!

Their men’s tank top – and the rest of their travel collection – are a digital nomad’s wet dream. Comfy Merino wool clothing designed with no flashy logos, minimalistic yet publicly-acceptable styles, all in neutral, versatile colors (although this tank only comes in black & charcoal). All of their pieces are well-designed, odor-free, quick-drying, and wrinkle-resistant! The only thing this Unbound Merino tank top won’t do for you is check into your flight.

Still, all this quality and craftsmanship comes at a price. What did you expect? To get it for free?! Unbound Merino is one of the more expensive brands, but rightfully so. Everything I’ve tried from them has turned out to be great gear. I never regretted a penny, and this Merino wool tank top falls in the same boat.

Best Merino Wool Tank For Hiking

Ortovox 120 Fast Tec Mountain Shirt

85% Merino, 15% Nylon | 120 gsm | Athletic fit | 3 colors | $$$$

Ortovox 120 Fast Tec Mountain Shirt Green

Pros: Ultralight outdoor performance | Unique fabric paneling | Durable corespun material

Cons: Minimal versatility | Limited availability

If you’re an avid outdoor explorer, you may have heard of Ortovox before. Their outdoor gear is among the most technically designed clothing in the industry. And their Fast Tec Mountain shirt is no different. It’s the king of outdoor performance tanks!

And yes, this is the lightest-weight tee on our list. It’s only 120 gsm. That’s about a sheet-and-a-half of paper thick! Yet still, Ortovox takes fabric technology to the next level with the durable nylon core. Moreover, the unique fabric panel design gives aids in breathability. That way, combined, you get strength from synthetic, comfort & temperature regulation from Merino wool, and the ultimate outdoor performance tank from the overall design.

Although, due to the technical design, you may only want to wear this tank while hiking, climbing, or exploring the great outdoors. It looks out of place in daily life. But, if you don’t mind sticking out, be our guest; wear it everywhere you go!

Still, if you are a hardcore climber or spend every free moment in the backcountry, this technical Merino wool tank from Ortovox is worth the bill. You won’t have to worry about chafing, discomfort, or fabric tears. It will not only enhance your performance, but it may give you some peace of mind.

Best Sleeveless Merino Wool Shirt

Minus33 Woolverino Sleeveless Tank Top

84% Merino, 12% Nylon, 4% Spandex | 145 gsm | Regular fit | 2 colors | $$

Minus33 Woolverino Sleeveless Tank Top Light Gray

Pros: Excellent stretch & recovery | Unique technical features | Longterm durability

Cons: Not the most stylish | More of a layering piece

When you need a base layer but sleeves won’t do, Minus33 has you covered with the Woolverino sleeveless tank top. The ultralight (145 gsm) fabric has a bit of spandex, creating a comfortable stretch & recovery. The 17.5-micron Merino wool, combined with the standard fit, feels floaty and airy. Therefore, making it a great base layer for outdoor excursions, no matter the season!

Although, I do view this sleeveless tank as a base layer instead of a standalone layer. It works best under a heavier baselayer to increase your core temperature in more frigid conditions. It’s not the most stylish Merino wool tank we’ve talked about, but it’s not like it’s overly boxy. I could see myself throwing it on at the beach for extra sun protection (Minus33 notes it has a 20 UPF rating). Still, I prefer it as a cold-weather layering option more than any other potential use.

And one of the reasons for this is the technical features Minus33 incorporates into the tank design. The shoulder seams are offset to avoid chafing from backpack straps. Moreover, the tagless interior and flatlock seams prevent potential itching and annoyance, especially if your hiking pack is heavy. While these design features may appear simple at first glance, they show their value with experience.

Best Value Merino Wool Tanks

Sheep Run Lightweight Tank Top

100% Merino wool | 200 gsm | Standard fit | 11 colors | $

Pros: Fantastic price-to-quality ratio | Large color selection | Slightly heavier fabric than other tanks

Cons: Not great for extreme heat | Must launder with special care

As you’ve probably noticed, many of these Merino wool tank tops can be expensive. And as Macklemore once said, “Fifty dollars for a T-shirt, that’s just some ignorant-” you get the rest. But in our case, it’s $50 for a tank top. While the price is one of Merino wool’s disadvantages, some brands focus on making high-quality, affordable clothing, and Sheep Run is one of them. And their lightweight Merino wool tank top has the best price-to-quality ratio on this list.

The 100% superfine Austrian Merino wool fabric is just as soft as the higher-priced brands; it doesn’t have all those extra features, so it’s priced less. And since it’s just a darn comfy and stylish tank, I don’t feel bad spending money on it! That’s why it’s the best-value Merino tank of them all!

Also, I love that the ‘lightweight’ fabric is slightly thicker (200 gsm) than other performance tanks on this list. It’s more on the lighter side of midweight. So, while it may be too hot for peak summer activity, it’s great for everyday wear. And since there are currently 11 color options, you won’t feel handcuffed by the standard black-or-gray choices. If you can’t make up your mind, you can get two, and it will cost you cheaper than some of the other options we’ve discussed today!

Final Note On Merino Wool Tanks

And there you have it, the seven best men’s Merino wool tank tops to keep cool this summer. We covered everything from sleeveless performance tees to laid-back travel tanks and everything in between. Hopefully, you discovered a Merino wool tank top that fits your wardrobe!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you didn’t find what you were looking for today. We’re always here to help you find the perfect Merino wool gear for your lifestyle!

And finally, if you enjoyed our Merino wool tank top round-up, you’ll love the rest of the Merino wool gear reviews we do. From base layers to hoodies, underwear to button-downs, we let you know about it. So, poke around the site a bit, or follow us on socials (below) for more awesome Merino wool gear. And, if you’d like to “Join the Flock,” sign-up for our newsletter, too!

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