You can wear heavyweight Merino wool socks all year round! Our favorite fabric manages the microclimate around your foot, no matter the outside temperature. In other words, they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Oh yeah, and did we mention it doesn’t stink! Yes, even if you soak through your boots, Merino wool does not hold odors. That’s right; no more smelling your feet through your shoes. Wait, that’s just me? Nevermind.

Anyways, you still may not want to stuff your thick socks into your boots in the summer. However, owning a solid pair of heavyweight Merino wool socks is a must for anyone looking to keep their feet dry & warm (or cool).

Therefore, we’ve done a ton of testing and research to bring you the best heavyweight Merino wool socks on the market. Hopefully, you can find a pair from our list that provides you with all-day (and all-year) comfort.

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Quick Buying Criteria

Let’s take a closer look into the buying criteria before getting into the specifics. Therefore, you can make better purchasing decisions that suit your individual needs.

Note: We don’t use fabric thickness as specific criteria since all of these socks are considered heavyweight. Also, criteria denoted with an asterisk(*) are based on personal preference and are not factored into our choices.


Typically, the higher the Merino wool composition, the more comfortable the sock. Look for features such as cushioning, enclosed seams, arch support, etc.


Thicker socks equal warmer feet, partly. Heavyweight socks are only warm if they can also control moisture. Look for breathability features and venting.


Heavyweight socks are made for specific uses (hiking, hunting, etc.). If you want to wear your socks year-round, look for viable colors and traditional cuts.


Merino by itself can be delicate. However, blending with synthetics improves longevity. Look for reinforced heel and toe boxes for durability.

Sock Height*

Most thick socks rise from the lower-calf (crew) to over-the-calf (OTC). Many brands release the same style in various heights, so it’s not a deal-breaker.


Merino wool socks can be expensive (~$25-$30). However, most brands have lifetime guarantees which offset the higher price, increasing value.

Note: This article is dedicated to heavier, winter Merino wool socks. If you are looking for a lighter pair for three-season use, check out our best Merino Wool Socks guide.

Editor’s Pick & Best Overall

Darn Tough T4033 Boot Heavyweight Tactical Sock

80% Merino / 19% Nylon / 1% Spandex | Boot Height | 4 colors available | Price: $$$$

The warmest sock we tried
Simplistic design & colors
Not as “thick” as traditional (denser)
User-reported sizing issues

View Darn Tough Size Charts & Review

To be honest: I’m a full-fledged Darn Tough fanboy through and through. Their level of sock knowledge is unmatched in the industry. In combination with their lifetime guarantee, they are one of the best values. And when it comes to heavyweight Merino wool socks, our top pick is the Darn Tough Boot Heavyweight Tactical, hands (or feet) down.

Before I get into the technical aspects of these socks, I have to talk about warmth. These socks are clearly the warmest on the market. In fact, they are certified by the airline workers commission to be used on the tarmac in blistering conditions. So, I’m pretty sure they’ll keep your feet warm, too!

But what makes these socks unique is that they aren’t super thick. Instead, Darn Tough uses high-density knitting techniques to obtain the benefits of thick, fuzzy socks but without the bulk. All so you don’t have a bunched-up mess in your boots.

In addition to being Darn Tough’s self-proclaimed “warmest sock,” the heavyweight boot tactical has tons of added features. There is full terry-loop cushioning and a seamless toe box for maximum comfort. Both the heel and toe are reinforced with extra fabric for added durability. And they even added elastic arch support to reduce slippage. These socks do it all.

To sum up, these Darn Tough Boot Tactical socks are definitely our top choice in the heavyweight merino wool socks category. The height fits with any boot, and they come in four colors. I honestly think you should get one of each!

Best Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks For Hiking

 Smartwool PhD® Outdoor Heavy Hiking Crew Socks

68% Merino Wool / 30% Nylon / 2% Elastane | Crew | 3 colors | Price: $$$

Engineered fit reduces rubbing
Targeted top vents for breathability
Full cushion reduces strike impact
Compressive fit not for everyone
Not ideal for hot weather hiking

View Smartwool Size Charts & Review

A “best sock” list wouldn’t be credible without the presence of Smartwool. But we aren’t just tossing their name into the mix for the heck of it. Instead, we genuinely believe that the Smartwool PhD® Heavy Hiking Crew Socks are the best four-season hiking socks on the market.

These puppies are packed with industry-leading features for performance on the trail. Smartwool’s 4-degree fit system keeps your sock in place and reduces excess rubbing, which in turn prevents blisters. The targeted mesh vents on the top of the foot aid in breathability and moisture control. Moreover, Smartwool’s trademarked Virtually Seamless™ toe provides maximum toe box comfort. All aspects of these socks are engineered to protect your feet in the backcountry.

However, I highly suggest that you don’t rock these heavyweight socks at the peak of summer. Yes, they are breathable, but Smartwool has much lighter options for July hiking. Also, if you’re not accustomed to tight-fitting socks, you may feel a bit restricted at first. But trust me, you get used to it.

Overall, we think the Smartwool PhD® Outdoor Heavy Hiking Crew Socks are an excellent choice for cold-weather adventures in the wilderness. As we always say, the number one rule for extended backpacking trips is to take care of your feet, and these socks do just that.

Best Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks For Everyday Use

Patagonia Heavyweight Merino Daily Crew

83% Merino Wool / 14% Nylon / 2% Spandex | Crew | 2 Colors Available | Price: $$$$

Patagonia Heavyweight Merino Daily Crew
Most versatile sock on our list
Traditional design improves comfort
Trusted & reputable brand
A bit on the pricier side
User-reported sizing issues

Who has a recognized brand with an exceptional reputation and even better products? Merino Wool Gear! Oh, that’s right, we mean Patagonia. And suppose you’re in the market for a versatile pair of heavyweight Merino wool socks. In that case, you have to take a serious look into these Patagonia Daily Crew socks.

They may look like your everyday winter wear at first glance, but these Merino wool socks are high-performing and perfect for daily wear. Unlike many other high-performing socks on our list, Patagonia uses a simple double-cylinder design that offers a more minimalistic aesthetic and traditional ribbing around the leg. In addition, the two-ply, 83% Merino wool construction offers fantastic next-to-skin comfort and warmth. Yet, in our experience, they are still surprisingly breathable.

However, if you do plan on ordering these socks, make sure to consult the size charts. Some users have reported the sizing to be off. Others have even claimed that the 3% Spandex stretches a bit too much for their liking. Again, this is not our experience, but something you should keep in mind.

Patagonia sources ethical and sustainable Merino wool from the Responsible Wool Standard (>99%) for all of its collections. So, if you want to wear a comfy, versatile, and environmentally-friendly pair of socks, you’ve got to grab these Patagonia Heavyweight Merino Daily Crew socks. In fact, why not grab one in each color so you can mix and match!

Best Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks For Hunting

Smartwool Hunt Extra Heavy OTC Socks

73% Merino / 26% Nylon / 1% Elastane | Over-the-Calf | Available in Taupe | Price: $$$$

Extra ankle and arch support
Extra cushioning for added comfort
Calf height suitable for most boots
Not very versatile
Limited color options available

View Smartwool Size Charts & Review

Whether you are perched in a tree stand or tracking an elk herd, you’ve got to take care of your feet. Without proper foot health and protection, you may not have a successful hunt. Therefore, you should consider these Smartwool Hunting Extra Heavy OTC Socks to improve your outdoor performance.

They’re odor-free, itch-free, super warm, and well-designed. What more could you ask for other than a 10-point buck ten yards downwind?

Crafted initially to trek through the woods on a hunt, these 73% Merino wool blend socks fair well in other facets of life. Smartwool uses a highly advanced 2-degree fit system to reduce slippage while supporting your arch and your ankle.

The two minor gripes we have about these socks are the height and the color. We feel over-the-calf socks can be a bit intrusive while wearing long underwear, but that’s just personal preference. Also, these only come in one color, taupe, which gets dirty quickly. It would be nice if Smartwool expanded the color palette with some darker options in the future.

However, the thing we love the most about them is their extra cushioning levels. It’s basically like walking on a cloud, but that cloud is also hugging your foot at the same time. Okay, that was a ridiculous analogy, but you get the point. These things are damn comfy!

Overall, we highly recommend these socks for both advanced adventurers and first-time explorers alike. It will be another solid piece of Merino wool gear to add to your collection.

Best Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks For Fly-Fishing

Farm to Feet Cedar Falls Wader Socks

76% Merino / 23% Nylon / 1% Spandex | OTC | 2 Colors Available | Price: $$$

Enhanced performance features
Traditional construction improves versatility
All-day comfort & protection
Wool not as soft as competitors
User-reported initial itchiness

When you’re packing your tackle box and prepping your lures, you usually aren’t thinking about your socks. But, if you’re going to be wading in ice-cold glacial streams all day, you’ll need to have a heavyweight pair to keep your feet toasty. And that’s why Farm to Feet crafted these extra-heavy, over-the-calf Cedar Falls Wader socks.

There is just something about these socks that screams “ultimate weather protection.” The Farm-to-Feet Cedar Falls are super comfortable and crafted with 76% USA-grown Merino wool. They are about as thick as possible while still being able to slip on your boots.

Moreover, let’s not forget about the enhanced performance features. There is high-density cushioning through the entire sock so that your feet don’t get tired. The slight elastic compression also helps out, so they don’t bunch up in your waders. Heck, even the seamless toe box helps to minimize rubbing and irritation. Who thought sock technology could be so, well, technical?!

But honestly, what we love the most is the over-the-calf height, especially for high wading boots. They sit right below the knee and stay put no matter how much you move. Therefore, it makes them more adaptable while wearing your fishing gear.

And did we mention that Farm to Feet sources their wool from American farmers and manufactures their socks in the USA? Oh, I already did? Well, it’s still worth mentioning twice.

Best Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks For Winter Sports

Darn Tough Mountaineering Micro Crew Extra Cushion

70% Merino Wool / 28% Nylon / 2% Spandex | 3/4 Crew | 1 Colors Available | Price: $$$

Extreme weather protection
Sock design improves comfort
Durable fine-gauge knitting
It may not fit taller boots
Not as bulky as the picture

View Darn Tough Size Charts & Review

Finally, I have found a heavyweight sock that sits below the calf. The Darn Tough Men’s Mountaineering Micro Crews are the un-holey grail of winter sports socks. Disregard that lame pun attempt. Let’s get back on schedule.

These heavyweight footies are the lowest height on our list, making them perfect for hiking shoes, low-rise boots, or even running sneakers. Moreover, if you love the construction but want a taller height for ski or snowboard boots, Darn Tough makes the same style over-the-calf.

Yet, it’s the performance features and Darn Tough’s attention to detail that makes these socks so unbelievably comfortable. The performance fit is compressive but not restrictive. This allows ample room for movement but reduces slipping and rubbing. Also, the terry-loop cushioning is soft and moisture-wicking, so your feet stay dry in the harshest conditions. Finally, fine-gauge knitting improves durability and comfort. Darn Tough describes this as the “put it on, forget it’s on” feel.

To sum up, I’m sure you’re sick of me geeking out about Darn Tough. But, I can’t help but recommend these heavyweight micro crew socks for anyone preparing for their next winter adventure.

Best Classic Style Heavy Merino Socks

Fox River Tamarack Extra-Heavyweight Mid-Calf Socks

49% acrylic / 36% Merino / 14% nylon / 1% spandex | Boot | 2 colors available | Price: $$

Thermalining increases insulation
The contoured design stays put
Relatively affordable
Low Merino wool composition
User-reported ankle bunching

Who said Merino wool socks can’t be fashionable? Oh, no one said that? I guess I didn’t get the memo.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a classic tube sock look with the power of Merino wool, look no further (mainly because it’s the last sock on this list). These Fox River Tamarack Socks are a stylish, affordable option for anyone looking to break into the Merino sock world.

The thing we love the most about the Tamaracks is the classic-tube sock look. The fabric is slightly ribbed around the calf to increase hold, and the bold color scheme brings us back to the old-school socks of the past. It may not seem like a major buying decision for you. Still, you’d be surprised at how big the sock fashion community really is.

However, these Fox River socks don’t have as much Merino wool as are other picks. Still, these socks are softer than your traditional over-the-calves and are much warmer. There is even a specialized thermalining that keeps your feet warm and wicks away moisture from your skin.

All in all, we have to give credit to these classic-style heavyweight Merino socks. They are an affordable, fashionable, and super-warm pair that will keep you comfy all day long.

Best Value Thick Merino Wool Socks

RealTree Heavyweight Merino Wool Tall All Season Boot Socks

80% Merino Wool / 17% Nylon / 3% Spandex | OTC | Tan / Olive | Price: $$

Excellent price-to-quality ratio
Full cushioning throughout the sock
Reinforced heel & toe for durability
Not the softest Merino wool
Sizing inconsistency issues

Value does not mean cheap! These heavyweight all-season Merino wool socks from RealTree may have a minimal price tag, but they provide maximal comfort.

Typically, when you see an affordable pair of Merino wool socks like these, they tend to have a lower wool composition. Makes sense, right? Merino can be a bit expensive. But, these thick RealTree socks are four-fifths Merino. Sure, it’s not the softest micron level, but it still feels gentle on your foot & ankle. In addition, the incorporation of 3% spandex provides a more supportive fit and reduces ankle slippage.

Moreover, there are a bunch of minor performance features that you don’t usually see at this price. For example, added arch support offers better mobility. Full cushioning throughout the entire sock adds comfort. And, they even manage moisture nicely with wicking technology.

Although at this value, you may question RealTree’s long-term durability. But, just like many other options, they have a reinforced heel and toe. In addition, they are manufactured right here in the USA, which in our opinion, means they are a bit better quality.

Overall, these RealTree Heavyweight Merino All-Season socks are a fantastic choice if you’re on a budget. You’ll get all the benefits and quality of Merino wool at a fraction of the price.

Final Note About The Best Heavyweight Merino Wool Socks

And there you have it; the best heavyweight Merino wool socks on the market. You saw many significant players have multiple spots on the list, like Darn Tough and Smartwool. However, there were several other viable options from Patagonia, Farm to Feet, Fox River, and RealTree.

Remember, comfort should be your top buying criterion when choosing a pair of thick socks (Merino wool or not). Features like cushioning, venting, height, and knitting techniques are all critical factors I usually look for. Still, you can’t neglect the warmth rating, versatility, durability, and overall value.

And finally, I want you to understand that these heavyweight Merino wool socks listed are my choices. If you see a specific pair or brand that I omitted, it doesn’t mean they are poor-quality socks. It simply means I don’t have enough hands-on experience to give them an honest review (yet).

So, if you want us to review a particular product or just want to check out some of the best Merino wool deals, continue reading our extensive gear reviews. Or, for quick bits of Merino info, you can follow us on Instagram or Twitter. Give us a few days, but we always respond!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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