Alright, I’ll keep this short since you don’t want to hear a long-winded intro about how I love Merino wool (it’s not like those ridiculous recipe articles). Simply put, I ranked the best Merino wool hoodies for women. I looked at how they fit, how they feel, and how they perform. Thus, providing you with the ultimate list of Merino wool hoodies for you to choose from. Check it out!

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Quick Buying Criteria

Before we dive into my favorite women’s Merino wool hoodies, I want to make sure you understand how we chose them. And how you should choose the one that’s right for you.

So, we put together a quick buying criteria guide so that you can better understand how to pick out the best Merino wool hoodie tailored to all your needs.


No matter how miraculous Merino wool may be, if your hoodie doesn’t fit you right, you aren’t going to be happy. It’s essential to gauge the type of fit to match your needs. However, not all companies rate their fit in the same way, even varying between brand collections.

Therefore, I’ve taken the time to classify the fits of these women’s Merino hoodies into four normalized categories from tightest to loosest: athletic, slim, regular, and relaxed.

Expand Complete Merino Wool Hoodie Fit Criteria

Athletic/Fitted: Better for a base layer hoodie as the form-fitting construction allows for outer layers without bunching. Also, athletic hoodie cuts are great for running and working out in the transitional seasons (spring & autumn)

Slim/Semi-Fitted: Not completely form-fitting, but usually tapered at the waist. Slim-fit hoodies work great for everyday use or even within a set of layers. However, if you have more of an “apple shape” body type, it may be slightly constricting around the midsection.

Regular: Also known as standard fit, a regular fit is the most basic fit. It’s not too tight, but also not too loose. There is some drape, but it shouldn’t feel like you are swimming in fabric. Regular fit hoodies are great for outer layers or standalone pieces but may bunch up if you use them underneath a jacket.

Relaxed: Just as the name implies, relaxed-fit hoodies provide the loosest fit of them all. They tend to be flowing and drape nicely, offering a cloud-like feel. Unfortunately, they aren’t the best for layering since the fabric can bunch up. However, depending on the specific sweatshirt, I feel they can also be the coziest.


After you’ve found your fit, you’ll want to make sure that the hoodie fabric matches your needs. When it comes to Merino wool, I typically look for three key metrics: Merino percentage, fabric weight, and fiber diameter.

Expand Complete Merino Wool Fabric Buying Criteria

Merino Wool Percentage

Sheep Icon

More Merino equals a better feel but less strength. However, since Merino can be a bit delicate, pure Merino wool hoodies may not be durable. If you are planning on heavy hoodie usage (like working outside), look for Merino-synthetic blends.

Fabric Thickness

Layering logo

Typically, a higher fabric weight means more warmth and durability. But, also, it means less breathability and a higher price. For 4-season use, look for midweight fabrics between 180-250 GSM for temperature regulation.

Fiber Diameter

Needle and Thread Logo

Lower micron diameters feel softer against the skin. However, they can be a bit more delicate and prone to pilling. Not all companies classify their Merino fiber diameter, so it’s essential to listen to other users when it comes to comfort.


Suppose you’ve determined the fit and fabric that works out best for you. If that’s the case, it’s now time to make sure you have all the necessary features for your hoodie. Check the image below for some standard Merino wool sweatshirt features that you may encounter.

  • Hood Fit
  • Closure Type (zipper)
  • Tags & Logos
  • Seam Construction
  • Sleeve Style & Length
  • Pocket Design
  • Hem lLength
  • Thumbholes, Cuffs, etc.

Note: If you are looking for a specific feature but can’t find it on a hoodie you like, simply reach out to me. I’ll be happy to help you locate your perfect Merino wool hoodie. Also, many brands slightly tweak their designs across catalogs and seasons, so I should be able to point you in the right direction.

Best Overall Merino Wool Hoodie For Women

Woolly Women’s Merino Pro-Knit Wool Hoodie

100% Merino Wool | 250 GSM | Full Zip| Slim Fit | Available in Black | Price: $$

Blue Women's Merino Wool Hoodie

Pros: Versatile construction | Midweight 4-season protection | Enhanced comfort features

Cons: Small thumb holes | Shorter length not for everyone | Questionable longevity

It was a tough decision which women’s merino wool hoodie to rank first. But, going back to the buying criteria of fit, fabric, and features (in combination with price point), I have to go with the Woolly Merino Pro-Knit Hoodie at the top.

What I love most about this hoodie is how it hugs my body. It’s not too loose or too tight, but the slim fit tapers nicely on my torso. In addition, the overall design makes it versatile enough to wear with leggings or any outfit for that matter. Right now, it’s one of the most common pieces in my Merino daily wear rotation.

As for the fabric, Woolly uses midweight, Woolmark-certified Merino wool. It feels soft against my skin, but not to the point where I don’t know I’m wearing a sweatshirt at all. The only real issue I may encounter (but haven’t yet) is that pure Merino wool clothing tends to have a shorter lifespan. But as for now, this pro-knit hoodie is still holding firm.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget to mention the fantastic features too! There are lined pockets to keep your hands warm, a zipper cover, so your chin doesn’t get snagged, and even thumb holes to keep your sleeves in place. Although, for the latter, I would like to see larger holes since they are a bit snug around my thumbs.

To sum up, the Woolly Pro-Knit Merino wool hoodie is my overall favorite. It hits all the buying criteria and comes in at a comparatively affordable price. Make sure to check it out today!

Best Value Women’s Merino Hoodie

Meriwool Women’s Base Layer Hoodie

100% Merino wool | 190 GSM | 16.5 Microns | 1/4 Zip | Athletic Fit | Charcoal | Price: $

Pros: Most affordable Merino hoodie | Super soft fabric | Form-fit increases layering ability

Cons: Better cold-weather options | Fit may be too snug for some | Delicate

As you may already know, Merino wool hoodies can be a bit pricey. I mean, triple digits for a sweatshirt? It’s crazy! Luckily there are a few affordable options on the market that don’t skimp on overall quality. The Meriwool Women’s Base Layer hoodie is one of these options.

While this women’s wool sweatshirt may not have all the fancy features as some of the other choices on our list, it is still made from super-soft, high-performing Merino. The 16.5-micron fiber diameter and lightweight 190 GSM fabric thickness feel luxurious against your skin, but it doesn’t cost luxury prices.

Yet, the thing I love most about this Meriwool hoodie is the overall fit. It’s more form-fitting and slim, making it perfect to wear as a base layer. Although, you can still wear it as an outer layer. There is plenty of room underneath for a t-shirt so that your clothes don’t get bunched up.

However, there are few factors to consider with this Merino wool hoodie. First, if you’re planning on wearing it standalone, it’s not the warmest of the pack. Also, if you are more of an “apple shape,” the fit may be a bit snug. These aren’t deal-breakers by any means, but just things to keep in mind.

Overall, I highly suggest this Meriwool Women’s Base Layer Hoodie (and all Meriwool apparel) for those looking to experience the power of Merino wool without breaking the bank.

Best Women’s Merino Wool Hoodie For Daily Use

Icebreaker Quantum II Long Sleeve Zip Hood

98% Merino wool / 2% Elastane | 260 GSM | Full Zip | Slim Fit | Multiple Colors | Price: $$$$$

Pros: Improved comfort features | Fantastic fit | Multiple functional pockets

Cons: Most expensive hoodie on our list | Inner pockets prone to wear | Sizing discrepancies

If I had to use one word to describe this Icebreaker Quantum II hoodie, it would be technical. However, you can tell that every aspect of this hoodie is engineered carefully to provide you with maximum comfort and protection. I mean, do you expect anything less from Icebreaker?

Let’s start with the overall cut and design. The athletic, form-fitting drape works well as a base layer or mid-layer. But unlike other hoodies on this list, there is a valuable drop tail hem to keep your lower back and butt cool. It also serves to reduce waist ride up for high-movement activities. Of course, the same thing can be said about the fitted hood and the covered thumb holes.

Alright, on to the comfort features. Icebreaker uses flatlock seams and merino-lined pockets to minimize irritation and maximize satisfaction. But they go a step further with the Quantum II. The seam construction around the shoulders is in the front as opposed to the top. So, if you are wearing a backpack, you won’t have any annoying stitching rubbing against your skin.

However, the attention to detail and enhanced features are also why this Merino hoodie is the most expensive on this list. But, if you have dollars to spare and want a top-of-the-line hoodie from a reputable Merino brand, the Icebreaker Quantum II should be your first choice.

Best Women’s Merino Hoodie For Travel

Minus33 Trailbreaker Midweight Hoodie

100% Merino | 230 GSM | 18.5 Micron | UPF 50+ | Full Zip | Regular Fit | Black/Charcoal | Price: $$$

Gray and Black Womens Trailbreaker hoodie

Pros: “Goldilocks” temperature regulation | Packs small | Two-tone design

Cons: Longer sleeve length | Pricey | Limited color options

If you’re an avid traveler, you understand the value of packability. The more space you have in your bag, the more adventures you can embark upon. The midweight, easily packable Minus33 Trailblazer hoodie is a fantastic option for those living out of a carry-on.

As with all of Minus33’s midweight apparel, this hoodie hits the sweet spot in the temperature regulation department. The 235 GSM fabric thickness will keep you warm in chilly conditions, but not to the point where you sweat your butt off. Plus, the 18.5-micron, 100% Merino wool construction will keep you comfy, no matter how long your layover may be.

Moreover, this Trailblazer hoodie is packed with essential travel features. The hood is slim fit but not too baggy, making it perfect to curl up for a nap on the plane. The flatlock seams, tagless labels, and raglan-style sleeves improve comfort no matter your location. Heck, there is even a zipped chest pocket to keep your passport safe.

And, unlike other Merino wool hoodies, the two-tone color scheme is fashionable and versatile. Although, I would love to see more color options available for those like myself who like mixing and matching.

Overall, whether you’re a long-term digital nomad or weekend traveler, the Minus33 Trailbreaker hoodie is a necessary addition to your travel wardrobe.

Best Merino Wool Hoodie For Hiking

Ibex Women’s Indie Hoodie

100% Merino wool | 185 GSM | 18.5 Microns | 1/4 Zip | Athletic Fit | 3 Colors| Price: $$$$

Ibex Womens Indie Hoodie

Pros: Perfect for layering | Tight-fitting hood | 4-season usage

Cons: Not a lot of hip coverage | Reported sizing inconsistencies | Pricey

Do you actually love hiking, or does your Tinder profile just say you love hiking? Either way, the Ibex Indie Hoodie is an excellent piece of Merino Wool Gear for all. It may look like another basic hoodie, but this base layer was designed for ultimate trail comfort and protection.

Crafted from 18.5-micron, 185 GSM Merino wool, this lightweight hoodie offers excellent outdoor performance. It will protect you in alpine conditions and keep you cozy around the campfire. In addition, if you’re planning on hot-weather hiking, this hoodie will protect you from UV rays without overheating your body. Pretty cool, right?

Moreover, it’s the attention to the performance features of why I love the Indie hoodie. Firstly, the scuba-style hood fits great under a helmet (sort of like a skull cap). Secondly, the no-tag construction, front shoulder seams, and thumbholes keep this base layer in place no matter how active you are. When combining these features, the Ibex Indie Hoodie offers maximum outdoor comfort and protection.

You may not mind, but I always like to have a place to put my phone. Nevertheless, the one major quip I have with this base layer is that there are no pockets. Also, some users have reported the shorter length doesn’t fully cover their hips. Still, since I’m a short woman, I didn’t experience this issue.

To sum up, if you want maximum performance and comfort in the backcountry, the Ibex Women’s Indie Hoodie should be your top choice. Take a look below, or check out our comprehensive Ibex review to learn more!

Most Unique Merino Wool Hoodie For Women

Toad&Co Merino Heartfelt Hoodie

100% Merino wool | Midweight | No closure | Relaxed Fit | Seasonal Color Options | Price: $$$

Pros: Unique style and cut | Comfy drape | Great versatility

Cons: No closure options | Not as soft as other hoodies | Must launder with care

It’s time to take a departure from our typical performance hoodies and dive into something a bit more interesting. The Toad&Co Women’s Merino Heartfelt Hoodie is a unique hooded sweater you may want to add to your comfort collection.

The fabric itself is not your typical jersey knit that you might see with other Merino wool sweatshirts, even though Toad&Co lists it as such. Instead, it’s more of felted wool, but not actually felt. So it’s pretty tricky to explain, really. Still, to me, it feels like more of a traditional wool sweater than a performance fabric.

What I love the most about this hoodie is its unique style. It’s basically a hooded cardigan, making it perfect for bumming around the house or even getting some work done in the coffee shop. However, there is no closure, so you may want to pair it with a belt if you like a tighter fit.

Also, as with all Merino wool hoodies, you have to launder the Heartfelt cardigan with care. If you wash it in warm water or accidentally throw it in the dryer, it may be ruined.

Overall, the heartfelt hoodie is one of the most unique choices on our list, especially for those who prefer stylish Merino clothing. Keep an eye out because Toad&Co often releases new colors and styles of this hoodie cardigan.

Best 1/2 Zip Women’s Merino Wool Hoodie

Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer 1/2 Zip Hoodie

100% Merino wool | 250 GSM | 1/2 Zip | Slim Fit | Multiple Colors | Price: $$$$

Pros: Fantastic warmth-to-weight ratio | Several layering options | Trusted Smartwool brand

Cons: Hood not suitable for helmets | Neck is a bit loose | Style needs update

I’m a Smartwool fangirl through and through. I trust nearly all of their products and have yet to have any issues with their customer service. All of their collections are packed with performance features, and they listen to their customer’s feedback. So, I couldn’t neglect the Smartwool 250 1/2 Zip Baselayer hoodie in a list of women’s Merino wool hoodies.

I have to start out with the midweight Merino wool material. Smartwool is world-renowned for its 250 GSM fabric. It’s one of their top-selling materials, and for a good reason. Not only will it keep you warm in the winter, but it will also regulate your body temperature if you start to overheat. Plus, with this hoodie, you can vent yourself by simply adjusting the half-zipper.

Another great design feature of this hoodie is the fit. The paneling and seams wrap around your body for better support. And the hood itself is somewhat form-fitting. However, I don’t feel it’s tight enough to wear underneath a ski helmet.

Yet, as I like to say, there is always room for improvement. The neck construction is a bit loose, especially since I’m petite. Also, I’m not a big fan of the color block patterns on the sleeves. They are a bit too loud for my liking if I’m being candid.

However, I still think this Smartwool 250 Base Layer hoodie is an excellent choice for my fellow female adventurers. You get a trusted Merino brand with a long track record of performance.

Best Women’s Merino Hoodie For Skiing

Helly-Hansen LIFA Merino Midweight Baselayer Hoodie

100% Merino exterior / 100% LIFA interior | 225 GSM | Pullover | Regular Fit | 2 Colors | Price: $$

Pros: Engineered 2-in-1 construction | Added performance features | Affordable

Cons: Not the most stylish | Limited colors | Minimal odor resistance

If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder and haven’t heard of Helly-Hansen, you’ve been missing out. They create high-quality, high-performing apparel that is perfect for life on the slopes. And, their LIFA Merino Midweight Base Layer hoodie is one of our favorite pieces from them.

What sets this hoodie apart from the other options on this list is the LIFA Merino fabric. The interior is crafted with 100% LIFA, a synthetic material that helps to wick moisture away from your skin. On the other hand, the exterior is formulated with pure Merino wool, adding an extra warmth element. In other words, this hoodie is engineered for outdoor performance.

Although the interior is synthetic, it’s not as odor-resistant as pure Merino wool. However, the LIFA material does make this base layer hoodie more durable than other competitors. Plus, the 225 GSM thickness offers an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, so it won’t weigh you down as your floating through the powder.

However, there is one minor change I would like to see added. The hood is tight-fitting, meant to be used under the helmet, but there are no adjustment strings. Thus, I experienced a bit of bunching.

To sum up, this Helly-Hansen LIFA Merino base layer hoodie is meant for high-performance activities. So, if you’re planning your next ski trip, make sure to check it out!

Best Ultralight Women’s Merino Wool Hoodie

Ridge Merino Solstice Lightweight Wool Hoodie

87% Merino / 13% Nylon | 145 GSM | 17.5 Microns | UPF 30+ | Pullover | Relaxed Fit | 4 Colors | Price: $$

Ridge Merino Women's Solstice Hoodie

Pros: Extremely breathable | Functional oversized hood | Relaxed, cloud-like drape

Cons: Not great for cold weather | Hood drawstrings may fall out | Wrinkles after heavy use

Hear me out: you have to have a summer sweatshirt. Why? Well, if you’re going to be basking in the sun all day, you’re going to need full-body protection from UV rays. Therefore the best Merino wool sun hoodie I have is the Ridge Merino Solstice Hoodie.

And I already know what you’re thinking: “um, aren’t I going to be hot?” The short answer: no. Ridge Merino has crafted the Solstice hoodie with ultralight, 145 GSM fabric. That’s less than two pieces of paper thick! So, there is plenty of breathability and temperature regulation, even in blistering summer conditions. Although, since it is so thin, it tends to wrinkle a bit after heavy use.

Moreover, many ultralight Merino apparel can be delicate. But again, Ridge Merino has engineered their fabric with a small amount of nylon to improve durability. It still feels soft as the relaxed, flowing drape moves with you, even with the addition of synthetic material.

However, the aspect of the Solstice hoodie that I love most is, well, the hood! The oversized hood can be worn in several different ways and fits over a standard baseball cap nicely. Heck, it will even easily cover your eyes, too, if you want to take a midday nap on the trail. In fact, the only part of the hood I don’t love is the drawstrings, which I replaced after they fell out in the wash.

Overall, I highly recommend the Ridge Merino Solstice Hoodie for all you three-season adventurers out there. And full disclosure, I’m wearing mine right now as I’m typing this!

Best Heavyweight Merino Wool Hoodie For Women

Woolx Zoe Zip Up Heavyweight Hoodie

100% Merino wool | 400 GSM | Full Zip |Semi-Fitted | 2 Colors | Price: $$$

Pros: Warmest hoodie on the list | Supportive fit | Excellent next-to-skin comfort

Cons: Not as “bulky” as some prefer | Limited extra features | Only available in black

Many of the hoodies that I’ve mentioned today a light to midweight. However, if you’re looking for a sweatshirt that doesn’t require additional layers for warmth, the Woolx Zoe hoodie should be your top choice.

At first glance, you may not think this hoodie looks heavy. It’s not as bulky or fuzzy as some people may like in a heavyweight hoodie. Yet, the 400 GSM pure Merino wool fabric is the thickest on this list. Thus, offering excellent warmth without the need for extra layers. And if you are looking for a bit of puff, you should look for brushed fleece instead of Merino.

The Woolx Zoe Zip Up is listed as slim fit, and I have to agree. It is tapered near the torso, but not to the point where it’s restrictive. And if you are looking for a looser, you can always size up. Way up! Unlike other Merino wool brands, Woolx has sizes all the way up to 3XL. So, no matter your body type, you can enjoy the power of Merino.

Still, since I love the overall design, I would love to see Woolx expand its color selection a bit more. Currently, it only comes in black or charcoal gray. In addition, I’d like to see an extra zipper pocket hidden inside to store my phone. Obviously, these minor details aren’t deal-breakers, but things I personally would like to see added.

To sum up, if you need a heavy winter zip-up that is uber-comfortable, then you should consider the Woolx Zoe Heavyweight hoodie. And, if you don’t believe me, you can look at the 200+ five-star reviews from other satisfied customers.

Final Note About Women’s Merino Wool Hoodies

And that does it: the complete list of the best women’s Merino wool hoodies. I genuinely hope you had as much reading this I did testing out and writing about these hoodies.

Remember, you’re style and comfort are unique to you. It’s important to remember the 3F buying criteria: fit, fabric, and features. These hoodies are simply ones that I like and are quality enough for me to recommend.

If you already had a Merino wool hoodie in mind but didn’t see it on this list, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great piece of apparel. It just means I haven’t gotten around to it yet!

Send us a message on Twitter or Instagram, and I’ll try to give you my opinion on whichever pieces of Merino wool gear that may interest you. Or you can subscribe to our newsletters for Merino Wool Gear deals, discounts, and exclusives! Thanks again for tuning in!

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