After years of rocking a Ralph Lauren polo every day to work, I finally had enough. The heavy knit fabric was rubbing against my skin, the seams were cutting my shoulders, and it felt like I could never be at the right temperature. That’s when I switched to a Merino wool polo, and all these issues disappeared.

So I’ve decided to bring the magic of Merino wool polos to you with our ten favorite shirts. Some are similar to traditional polos, while others are more geared toward specific activities like golfing and hiking. Hopefully, you can find a polo on this list that suits all your needs. Let’s get started!

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What To Look For in a Merino Wool Polo

With almost all of these Merino wool polos, you get the style of a dress shirt with the performance of an athletic tee. You also get odor resistance, top-level comfort, and excellent temperature regulation, all because of the enhanced natural properties of Merino!

Still, you’ll want to ensure that the polo fits your lifestyle. So, look for specs like fabric weight, knitting pattern, and extra features to get the best shirt possible. Below are some common Merino wool polo elements to guide your decision-making process (not entirely inclusive).

Common Merino Wool Polo Specifications

Editor’s Choice: Best Merino Wool Polo

Western Rise Limitless Merino Polo Shirt

53% Merino, 47% Polyester | 175 gsm | Tailored fit | 4 colors | Price: $$$

Western Rise Limitless Merino Polo

Pros: Oxford knit construction | Versatile style | Fabric has excellent stretch & recovery

Cons: Sizing runs small | Initial itchiness may occur

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried Western Rise yet. They create clothing (both with and without Merino) that performs like athletic wear. All of their offerings are comfy, functional, and travel-ready. And the piece that got me hooked is their Limitless Merino Polo.

What I love the most about this polo are the unique Oxford knit structure and tailored fit. It has a professional style with plenty of functionality. Moreover, the hem is slightly longer in the back, giving you extra coverage if you wear it untucked. Simply put, it’s a polo that’s fitting for any occasion. Yet, if you’re looking for an even more professional look with many of the same features, check out Western Rise’s Limitless Button-Down

The material is about a 50-50 blend of Merino and polyester. This fabric composition permits ample stretch for any high-movement activities. You get all the beneficial properties of wool with the added durability of synthetics. In addition, you won’t have to worry about pit stains, as the lightweight, breathable material will keep you dry.

Editor’s Note: Some users have reported initial itchiness with this polo, but that tends to happen due to the manufacturing process. After you wear and wash it, there shouldn’t be any further itchiness.

To sum up, the Western Rise Limitless Polo is our favorite Merino wool polo. It is sleek, professional, and, best of all, affordable! So take some time to check out this shirt – and the rest of Western Rise’s Merino collection – below!

Best Merino Wool Polo For Professionals

Wool & Prince Pique Polo

78% Merino, 22% Nylon | 190 gsm | Classic fit | 5 colors | Price: $$$

Wool And PrinceMErino Wool Pique Polo Multiple Colors

Pros: Unique honeycomb texture | Nylon filament for added strength | Can dress up or down

Cons: Rather basic color options | Sizing discrepancies

What do you get when a timeless shirt meets the comfort of Merino Wool? The Wool & Prince Pique Polo, of course! It has the classic honeycomb texture that’s ever-so familiar from brands like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. The Pique Polo even has the same two splits along each side of the bottom hem for better ‘tuckability.’ The only real difference compared to the prototypical polo is that it’s a lightweight (190 gsm), airy, silky-smooth Merino wool instead of dense, and sometimes rough, cotton.

Moreover, unlike pure Merino polos, Wool & Prince incorporates synthetics into the fiber composition for added strength and longevity. They achieve this by wrapping a thin nylon filament around the wool fibers, keeping them from pilling and fraying. Over time, this helps to maintain the integrity of the fabric and reduces any loose threads from snagging and tearing in the laundry. Still, it’s not like you’ll need to wash it after every wear, as the wool-synthetic blend is still resistant to odors!

This Pique polo is an excellent choice to add a more polished, dignified look to your polo collection. And if the classic honeycomb fabric goes against your style, Wool & Prince has plenty of other sophisticated polos in their collection. So when you check out the Pique Polo below, also look at the rest of their high-quality Merino wool gear!

Best Merino Polo For Working From Home

Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Polo

100% Merino wool | 165 gsm | Regular fit | 2 colors | Price: $$$$

bex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Olive

Pros: Excellent temperature regulation | Comfy fabric drape | Unique button closure

Cons: Limited color & size availability | Somewhat expensive

I’ve been working from home intermittently for the last few years and have tried many different work shirts. Some are too stiff, others are too thin, and most don’t look professional on video calls. However, one shirt meets all my work-from-home needs: the Ibex 24-Hour Polo. It’s a comfortable, professional polo that’s better than bumming around in my pajamas all day.

This shirt is so comfortable because of the 100% Merino wool fabric – with a twistIbex uses a proprietary steaming process during production so that the material feels cool to the touch. This ‘MECool‘ finish helps to regulate your temperature throughout the day. So whether you blast the air conditioning or catch a few rays in the sun (with your work laptop, of course), the 24-Hour polo will keep you at just the right temperature.

Despite having the comfort of a t-shirt, this polo has an excellent style. The covered button placket creates a sleek, professional look, perfect for all those impromptu video calls. The fabric has a slight gloss as opposed to a matte finish, as well. And just because I wear mine working from home doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for daily life. It’s one of the most versatile Merino wool polos on this list (which is probably why it’s on the expensive side).

In short, the Ibex 24-Hour polo is a fantastic all-purpose shirt. You can dress it up for the office or dress it down around the house. And the temperature-regulating fabric will help you stay relaxed, no matter how stressful your workday is.

Best Merino Wool Travel Polo

Unbound Merino Polo

60% Merino, 40 % polyester | 150 gsm | Classic fit | 5 colors | Price: $$$$

Unbound Merino Travel Polo Blue

Pros: Clean, professional finish | Wrinkle resistant & packable | Minimal yet high-performing design

Cons: I wish there were more Merino | Manufacturing inconsistencies

If you’re constantly on the go, you need clothing designed for travel. That means it should be easily packable, wrinkle-resistant, and quick-drying if you need to do a load of laundry. On top of all that, you still want to look well-dressed and professional. When you combine all those factors, there’s no better travel brand to choose from than Unbound Merino. And their Merino wool travel polo is one of the most popular pieces within their travel collection.

This polo looks more professional than other Merino wool polos. The half-placket collar design, pleated back yoke, and unique Birdseye pique jersey knit contribute to the clean, minimalistic style. Also, the sleeves are more form-fitting than loose, contributing to the shirt’s overall quality. In other words, this polo is a simple, sophisticated piece perfect for nearly every travel environment.

Although, unlike their famous Merino wool travel tee, this Unbound Merino polo is a blend of wool and polyester. The good part is that the synthetic fibers add strength and durability, allowing the polo to dry quicker on the road. However, we still would love to see a 100% wool polo from Unbound Merino.

Finally, the Unbound Merino polo is a hot item. Some colors and sizes are going fast. If you see something you like, you should act quickly. Unbound Merino restocks and releases new colors seasonally, but if you’re interested, grab one before they sell out.

Best Merino Wool Golf Polo

Woolly ‘The Polo’

100% Merino wool | 150 gsm | Modern fit | 7 colors | Price: $$

Woolly Merino Wool Golf Polo Brick Red

Pros: Supersoft, breathable fabric | Usable chest pocket | Relatively afforable

Cons: Prone to snags & tears | Must launder with care

Let’s be honest: golf courses shouldn’t have a dress code. It’s simply an outdated concept. However, tradition is tradition, and you typically have to wear a polo. And for golfing, my favorite polo is ‘The Polo‘ from Woolly. And that’s not just because it has a pocket for my atrocious scorecard!

The Polo is more of a collarless athletic tee than a polo. The ultralight, 150 gsm material is high-performing and breathable, allowing you to keep a cool head in the rough. Moreover, the modern style is more form-fitting so that the fabric won’t get in the way of your backswing. And, since it won’t retain orders, you and your golf game will stay fresh, even if you’re marathoning through 36 holes.

As this polo is pure Merino wool, the fabric is somewhat delicate, so you must be careful with it in the laundry. And, if you want to wear it on the green, just be mindful of the sharp branches that could snag and tear the material. Or, fix your slice so you stop hitting it in the woods all the time.

Still, the best part about this Woolly polo is the price. Compared to some of the other options, it has excellent value. That way, you can spend some more money on greens fees, and it won’t feel too bad when you lose in Skins.

Best Merino Wool Hiking Polo

Icebreaker Merino Hike SS Top

100% Merino body (59% Merino, 41% cotton shoulder panels) | 150 gsm | Slim fit | 2 colors| Price: $$$$$

Icebreaker Merino Hike SS Polo Gray

Pros: Wool-cotton canvas shoulder panels | Ultralight, breathable design | Stay-put collar for sun protection

Cons: Not the most versatile style | Expensive

A polo for hiking? It seems unnecessary, right? Well, I thought the same at first until I tested out the Icebreaker Hike SS polo. The stay-put collar does an excellent job keeping the sun off my neck, and the stretchy Merino wool base keeps me cool, even on the steepest climbs. 

Still, one feature puts this polo at the front of the group: the shoulder panels. Icebreaker engineered this shirt to avoid chafing or discomfort from a hiking backpack. The panels are a durable wool-cotton canvas with a forward set shoulder seam, preventing the dreaded ‘strap rub.’ Moreover, the underarm gussets and double-layer back yoke prioritize mobility no matter how heavy your pack may be.

Still, this shirt won’t be your go-to polo for all occasions. Yes, you can wear it to work or a restaurant, but the shoulder panels throw off the ‘formal’ vibe. I often wear it to work since I walk to the office, and the panels cushion my commuter bag nicely. But if your office is more on the business side of business casual, you may opt for another polo on this list.

Although, if you’re looking for a lightweight, breathable shirt for your next trek into the backcountry, this Icebreaker Hike SS polo is by far your best choice. As of summer 2023, there is limited availability, so grab one before your size sells out!

Best Ultralight Merino Polo

Ridge Merino Journey Polo

87% Merino, 13% nylon | 145 gsm | Modern fit | 3 colors | Price: $$

Ridge Merino Journey Polo Black

Pros: Simple, minimalist design | Ultralight, breathable fabric | Excellent price-to-quality ratio

Cons: Slightly long hem length | Sizing discrepancies

If you’re looking for a more casual, versatile polo – as opposed to a professional one – consider the Ridge Merino Journey Polo. The breathable, ultralight fabric keeps you and your microclimate feeling cool even in sweltering conditions. And even though this is a new release, the material – Merino wool with (m)Force™ technology – is the same as Ridge Merino’s popular Journey tee. So, despite being thin, you get added strength and durability.

In terms of style, this shirt is your basic working man’s polo. There is nothing too fancy about it. There are no unnecessary features, just a good-looking, minimalistic polo. Ridge Merino doesn’t even put their branding on the outside, all so you can achieve a clean, modern look.

Due to the simple design, the Journey Polo has one of the best price-to-quality ratios on this list. You’re not paying for all the extra features as you would with other Merino wool polos. But you still get the premium, 17.5-micron Merino fibers that feel smooth against your skin and a timeless construction that suits nearly any occasion. Now that’s a darn good deal for a darn good polo!

Best Long-Sleeved Merino Polo

Proof 72-Hour Merino Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

87% Merino, 13% nylon | Lightweight | Slim fit | 2 colors | Price: $$$$

Proof 72 Hour Long Sleeve Merino Wool Polo Desert Sand

Pros: Supersoft, 16.5-micron Merino wool | Functional snap-button placket | Enhanced odor resistance

Cons: Not the most professional look | Limited color availability

Unlike other ‘professional’ polos I’ve covered, the Proof 72-Hour Long-Sleeve is one rugged shirt. With ultimate outdoor and travel performance, the 16.5-micron Merino wool fibers feel ultrasoft while the nylon core protects against snags and tears. It’s just one piece perfect for camping, fishing, and all backcountry adventures!

The style is more informal and casual. It mainly functions like a henley with a collar instead of a traditional polo. The functional snap-button placket is suited more for outdoor activities. When you wear it, you’ll look like you’re about to embark on an expedition. And that’s great if you’re going outdoors. However, wearing it to the office may make you look out of place. Still, if you’re looking for something more professional, Proof offers a short-sleeve version that looks more businesslike.

And, as the name suggests, this long-sleeve Merino wool polo is suitable for three straight days of wear. You won’t get any funk or odor, as the lightweight, engineered fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant. This 72 hours of freshness is perfect for weekend excursions and quick camping trips. That way, you can pack less and explore more!

Best Everyday Merino Wool Polo

Woolx Summit Polo

85% Merino, 12% nylon, 3% spandex | 150 gsm | Regular fit | 3 colors | Price: $$$

Woolx Summit Merino Wool Polo Brown

Pros: Great stretch & recovery | Raglan sleeves improve shoulder mobility | Classic style & design

Cons: Cut may only work for some | Darker colors attract lint, pet hair, etc.

With this Woolx Summit Polo, you get an ultralight shirt for daily wear. Nothing too flashy about it, just a breezy, ultralight (150 gsm) polo. The fabric will keep you cool during the summer heat, helping to wick away any access moisture from sweat. 

Although the main reason this is the best polo for everyday use is the freedom of movement. Woolx incorporates 3% spandex into the predominantly Merino wool fabric for added stretch and recovery. Moreover, the raglan sleeves are more relaxed and loose-fitting, providing ample flexibility and leeway, regardless of activity. And since there are no top shoulder seams, you can wear your EDC backpack without discomfort. 

Since this is more of an athletic-style polo, there may be better options for professional use. The ‘classic fit’ is more baggy than form-fitting, which is fine if you’re going for a casual vibe. However, if you’re trying to be the sharpest-dressed guy in the office, the Summit polo isn’t the one for you.

Finally, the Woolx Summit polo has a limited color variety, but more options may be available depending on the season. The standard black polo is typically in stock, but if you’re looking for another color, check back in a few months!

Best Value Merino Wool Polo

Merino.Tech Men’s Polo

100% Merino wool | 165 gsm | Slim fit | 20+ colors | Price: $

Pros: Most inexpensive polo on this list | Still high-quality material | Lots of unique color options

Cons: Longterm durability concerns | May shrink with improper care

If you have not noticed, these Merino wool polos can be expensive. Yet, just like this Merino.Tech polo, there are budget-friendly options available. And even though the price tag is lower, the quality isn’t worse—this Merino.Tech polo has a style, design, and feel similar to the previous polos. Moreover, the lightweight, 100% Merino wool material is breathable, odor-proof, and ever so soft. There aren’t any extra bells and whistles, so the price is less.

Still, there are some downsides to consider with this polo. For example, the 100% Merino wool material is more prone to pilling, and the color may lose its ‘pop’ if you wash it improperly. As Merino wool practitioners, this is fine as we are used to the intricate laundering process. But know if you want this polo to last, you’ll need to perform some extra cleaning steps.

Many other polos we’ve covered have limited color options, but Merino.Tech provides a wide array of variations to choose from. They offer nearly every shade of black, gray, and blue but have more vibrant options like Bordo and Olive Green. There are even unique polo styles like cream with a navy collar or charcoal with white trimming on the sleeves. With all these color options, there’s one to fit your style.

Overall, the Merino.Tech polo is an excellent choice for those on a budget. You still get all the positive features of Merino wool without putting a significant dent in your bank account. So, check out what Merino.Tech has to offer today. You, and your wallet, will be satisfied

Final Note On The Best Merino Wool Polos

After reading about the benefits and features of these Merino wool polos, you’d be crazy not to throw out all your old, ratty polos and join Team Merino Wool! And with the wide variety of styles, features, and colors, hopefully, you found a polo that meets all your requirements!

And if none of these shirts caught your eye, don’t worry! There are still plenty of great Merino wool polos out there. We aim to help our readers find the best Merino wool clothing possible. So, if you’re looking for something specific, please get in touch with us. And if you want news, deals, and discounts on all your favorite Merino wool gear, follow us on the socials below or sign-up for our newsletter. We love adding members to the flock!

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