I’m an at-home girl at heart. I’d lounge around all day – without a single care in the world. But since I’m a mom, that’s not an option. So, I have to find ways to maximize my rest. And what better way to do that than with a pair of super-comfy Merino wool pajamas?

Merino wool is a fantastic choice for natural sleepwear with its soft, breathable, and odor-free natural properties. I mean, it’s just the best.

I’ve tested all sorts of Merino wool gear over the years but haven’t dove into the ‘pajama’ world yet. And so when I saw one of my favorite brands, Woolx, release a customized Merino wool pajama set, I had to see what it was all about.

Users have been raving about Woolx pajamas way before they caught my eye. Some never wanted to take them off, while others were as bold as to call them “life-changing.” Could these pajamas be too good to be true? I just had to get my hands on them. And I did.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned about these Woolx Pajamas. I’ll go over my initial thoughts from excitingly opening the package. Then, I’ll fast-forward to a month of unwashed (yes, unwashed) wear. We’ll see how they fair in the laundry, and I’ll report what I find. Everything. The down & dirty, although hopefully not too dirty!

Will these be the best PJs ever? Or should we keep dreaming on?

Initial Thoughts

Opening the Woolx Merino Wool Pajama Package

When I first opened the package, I was amazed by how soft and gentle the Merino wool of this pajama set felt. I got the Billie Lounge Tee & Maya Lounge pants, two of the options from Woolx’s customizable options (which I’ll get into later). The FeatherTouch® Fabric has an airy, lightweight, soft feel that is truly one of a kind. It genuinely feels weightless.

It felt amazing the first time I put it on. With every movement I made, the fabric flowed nicely with me. The material elegantly conforms to my body thanks to the loose construction and natural stretch & recovery.

Woolx Maya Lounge Pants Waistband

As I’m shorter, sleepwear tends to be too large or long on me. The bottoms can be especially tricky if they don’t have a functional drawstring. Luckily, I am happy with how well the Maya Lounge Pants fit me around the waist, and the waistband appears to be quite stretchable. It lays flat and discomfort-free across my hips with unreal softness. There’s no doubt that this will be super cozy.

However, the lounge pants are a little long for my legs. Upon reviewing the product pictures on the Woolx website, it is clear the extra length is an intentional design choice to create a more lounge-like, flowy style. Still, show a short girl some love!

Billie Lounge Tee Stitching Up Close
Hem stitching Maya Lounge Pants

Despite this, I’m delighted with my first look into these PJs. The high-quality material & construction, expert design, cloud-soft waistband, and functional pockets excite me the most!

But I just put them on 30 minutes ago; how will these PJs perform for 30 days?

One-Month Wear Test

It’s been a month since I received these Woolx Pajamas, and I’m excited to say I’m in love. I get why other users never want to take them off. They are just down so darn comfy. Like, all the time!

And even after about two dozen wears (I forgot a few nights), the fabric still smells fresh. There was no odor. No stink. No stench. No nothing. That’s because I didn’t sweat at night! I used them like wearable sheets, lounging everywhere I could nestle. It didn’t matter if I was on the couch, at my desk, or anywhere in between; it simply felt good to wear these pajamas.

Woolx Merino Wool Pajams Wear Test

Wearing them outside the house is a different story altogether. I didn’t bother wearing the Maya Lounge Pants outside because I didn’t want to fray the bottom seams or get them dirty. Also, the material is so soft and light that you don’t want it to succumb to the elements. I wore these Merino wool pajamas exclusively at home and suggest you do the same.

As far as my initial concern about the extended leg length (#shortgirlproblems), it dwindled over time. I had no problem scooting about on hardwood, carpet, or tile. Plus, it starts to grow on you after a few wears. I spend much more downtime lounging than walking anyway!

Laundry Test

Now for our favorite part of the review: the laundry test.

After a month of cozy nights, it’s time to finally put these PJs into the laundry. Using my army of Merino wool care products, I combed over the fabric, examining for any imperfections.

The only thing I could find was some minor pilling (in the ‘before’ section below), typical for blended Merino wool fabrics of this thickness. The weak fibers migrate away from the knit, and the strong ones remain, strengthening the network as a whole.

Woolx FeatherTouch Fabric Before & After Laundry

And, after putting them through the washer and drying them on a rack, the pilling is gone (Woolx recommends tumble drying low, but with Merino wool, I avoid the drier like the plague). The fabric looks as good as new, minus a few drying wrinkles. The color is just as natural and clean as I remember, and my laundry machine didn’t eat them!

I’m thrilled that these pajamas passed the laundry test. Sometimes lightweight, extra-fine Merino wool can be flimsy, but not these Woolx pajamas. They are the real deal, and I’m looking forward to lounging in them for years to come.

What I Liked

I’ve had the excitement of opening the package, the serenity of sleeping in comfort, and the relief from the laundry. I’ve done everything I can think of in these PJs; now it’s time to share what I liked the best!

(Hint: I liked almost everything)

Billie Loung Tee Tag

Ah, yes. The best part about these Merino wool jammies is the fabric. Woolx uses its thin, ultralight FeatherTouch® fabric (70/30 wool/nylon, 150 gsm, 16.5 microns), about 1.5x as thick as a piece of printer paper. It’s so light and breezy; I can’t get enough of it.

The relaxed fit and all-around construction allow for a broad, flowing drape. When I walk around the house, the material floats around my body, effortlessly mimicking every move. And when I sleep, there’s no adjusting or bunching as the fabric rests when I do.

With these pajamas, there’s no rubbing, no itching, no irritation, no shifting, no readjusting, and, most importantly, no nipple chafing.

All there is a comfy, restful night’s sleep for you…and your boobs.

Woolx Billie Merino Wool Lounge Pants Flat Waistband Up Close

I love this waistband. It’s flat, soft, and doesn’t rub me the wrong way! There was ample stretch and recovery, so I felt no discomfort. And since the stitching and seams are incredibly high-quality, I don’t think it will misshape (bacon waist) over time. And since Merino wool isn’t the most durable material, it’s nice to know that some brands care about attention to detail just as much as I do!

The best part about these pajamas is that you can customize them to your needs. Do you like sleep sleeveless? Woolx has the uber-soft Phoebe Lounge Tank, constructed with the same FeatherTouch® fabric. And when you customize and bundle, you save big! Check out some of the pajama top choices below.

Different Merino Wool Pajama Tops Offered By Woolx

The one I tested was the Billie Lounge Tee, which was my favorite of the three from the start. I already have a couple of Merino wool tanks that I love, and I’m not a long-sleeved kind of girl. Although, the Lily Lounge Top may be your best choice if you live in a colder climate.

Two Merino Wool Bottoms Offered By Woolx

As for the bottoms, you have two options: pants or shorts. I opted for the pants, and now, after sleeping in such a cozy fabric for over a month, I’ve been thinking about adding the Poppy Lounge Shorts to my wishlist soon.

And finally, the color! I’m happy with the mint color (customization is also available in the navy). It has an organic, neutral vibe, but not too dull like beige (yuk!). However, I do wish there were more color options to choose from. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next production run to find out!

Areas For Improvement

While nearly as perfect as Brad Pitt’s jawline and Beyonce’s legs, the Woolx pajama set does have some wiggle room to improve.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still crazy in love with these PJs. They’re irreplaceable; they’re just not flawless.

Back Profile of Woolx Merino Wool Pajamas

At first, I thought the extended length would be a pain, collecting dust and grime, fraying underneath my heel with each step, and killing my coziness. But that wasn’t the case. The added foot coverage grew on me throughout testing. In other words, these pants are made for lounging, and that’s just what they’ll do.

Still, there is no real solution to roll them up since the fabric is lightweight and flowy. Whenever I try, they end up flopping back down. It’s a minor thing, but worth noting for my fellow ‘fun-sized’ crowd. You legs-for-days ladies will never understand.

Did you expect this level of luxury to be cheap? Well, wake up, it’s not! While these may be the best PJs you’ll ever own, they’ll also be the most expensive.

But don’t blame the jammies! The extra-fine 16.5-micron Merino wool fibers that Woolx uses in their pajamas are expensive. So, there is a reason the price tag is high: it’s the softest, ethically sourced Merino wool out there! These pajamas are 100% worth the price and then some (pinky promise).

Still, even if the price makes perfect sense, that doesn’t I can’t complain about. I’m not saying I hate it, but I’m not exactly thrilled about it either.

Final Thoughts On Woolx Merino Wool Pajamas

Well, it’s time I put this Woolx Merino wool pajama review to bed. I give the Billie Lounge Tee an A+ and the Maya Lounge Tee an A- (only because of my height insecurity). I loved them so much that I’m considering getting the Poppy Lounge Shorts to mix and match during the summer.

So, are these the best PJs ever? That’s for you to decide. Just kidding, these are 100%, without a doubt, lights out, call it a night, sleep tight, the best PJs I’ve ever owned and probably ever will. And while ‘love’ is a strong word I typically reserve for family and true crime documentaries, these pajamas may just make the cut.

If you want to customize a Woolx Pajama set for yourself or a loved one, jump over to Woolx using the button below. As of now, there are only two color options available. But knowing Woolx – and how popular these PJs are becoming – there’s a good chance they’ll add more choices next season.

Finally, if you liked our review of these Merino wool pajamas, join the Merino wool gear flock! We give you the latest deals, news, and discounts on all your favorite Merino wool clothing. Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter below (we won’t bite… much).

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