The perfect blanket can make a world of difference. At the end of a long day, there is a sense of closure and protection when you curl up on the couch with your favorite throw. Life’s problems tend to melt away in a cloud of serenity, and you transform into a world of pure comfort.

Still, no two blankets are the same; it is often difficult to find the best suits your needs. No matter which blanket style you choose, the best blanket fabric for any occasion is Merino wool.

So, to help you on your blanket journey, we’ll cover why Merino wool is the pinnacle of blanket fabrics and review ten of the best Merino wool blankets on the market. Let’s get started!

Why Choose A Merino Wool Blanket?

Merino wool is one of the best blanket materials out there. Not only is it soft and comfortable, but it also has excellent temperature regulation properties. Merino’s other positive aspects include its odor resistance, allergy relief, mite resistance, and even its ability to protect you in a fire! Let’s take a more in-depth look into some of these properties.

Merino Is Supersoft & Comfortable

Unlike traditional wool that may feel itchy and scratchy on your skin, Merino wool is ultra-fine and gentle to the touch. This softness is because Merino’s fiber thickness is approximately half that of traditional wool (~20 microns compared to ~40 microns). On top of that, the fiber length tends to be longer, providing maximum long-lasting comfort.

It Has Fantastic Temperature Regulation Properties

There’s nothing worse than a blanket that keeps you so hot that you start sweating. Merino wool solves this issue by absorbing water vapor from your skin while still saving on warmth. The actual process is unique to wool and is called heat of sorption. Also, natural crimps in the fibers create tiny air pockets to trap warm air from your body. Merino is genuinely one of the best thermoregulating fabrics on the market.

Merino Wool Is Odor-Proof

Synthetic blankets often take on the stenches and oils of your body as you snuggle up with them after a long day. That’s not the case with Merino wool. The natural waxy lanolin embedded in the fabric creates a harsh environment for odor-causing bacteria to latch onto. Plus, the increased moisture content traps odors in the vapor, not on the fabric. Thus, your Merino blanket will smell fresher for longer, and you won’t have to wash it as much, improving longevity. It’s a win-win situation!

It Is Hypoallergenic & Mite Resistant

Suppose you suffer from sensitive skin or have an allergic reaction to some synthetic materials. In that case, Merino wool may be your answer. Wool fibers are composed of a protein called keratin, the same protein found in human hair. Therefore, as most people aren’t allergic to their hair, wool is considered hypoallergenic. On top of that, wool’s dry environment makes it difficult for dust mites to thrive. Unlike synthetics, these microscopic mites don’t like snacking on the wool fibers, deterring them from nesting in your blanket.

Merino Wool Is Flame-Resistant

As we’ve mentioned, a good blanket is all about comfort and protection. Merino wool takes the latter a step further and can protect you in case of a fire. The fabric structure of wool does not allow enough oxygen for combustion, and when it does get caught in a fire, it chars instead of igniting. That’s why Merino is used as an undergarment for firefighters. So, if you do end up getting caught in an unfortunate house fire, wrapping yourself in your Merino wool blanket as you get outside is your safest option.

For more about the advantages of Merino wool, check out our complete Merino Science & Benefits guide.

Merino Wool Gear’s Ten Best Merino Wool Blankets

From classic bedroom blankets to rugged outdoor throws, we take a deep dive into the world of the best Merino wool blankets. If you are in a rush or simply already have a specific Merino blanket in mind, check out our quick menu below!

Disclaimer: To maintain genuineness and authenticity, Merino Wool Gear DOES NOT sponsor products. Yet as an Amazon Associate, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Best Overall: Pendleton 5th Avenue Glacier Park Throw

100% Merino Wool | Size: 72″ x 54″ | Weight: 2 lbs | Other style options | Price: $$$

Comfort, style, sustainability; the Pendleton 5th Avenue Glacier Park Merino Throw has it all. The super-soft Merino wool fabric is brushed during manufacturing, creating a fantastic next-to-skin feel. It’s basically like covering yourself in a cloud every time you curl up on the couch. Also, at six feet long, it gives plenty of length for average-size individuals.

The 3″ fringe and four-stripe design is similar to that of popular Hudson Bay blankets (whom Pendleton has a design agreement with). It’s genuinely a room enhancer as it looks great draped over the back of a sofa or folded neatly at the end of the bed. If you don’t like this exact design, Pendleton has other blankets of the same quality but slightly different patterns.

Pendleton 5th Avenue Plaid Throw

Finally, one of the driving factors why we have these Pendleton Merino throws on top of our list is their sustainability commitment. It’s not just because the material is sustainable. But for every purchase of one of their National Park blanket series, the National Park Foundation receives royalties to fund the preservation of our precious land. So far, Pendleton has raised over $900,000 during this conservancy campaign.

So far, Pendleton has raised over $900,000 during this conservancy campaign. If you want to lounge around in comfort while protecting the environment, think about purchasing the Pendleton 5th Avenue Glacier Park Throw.

Runner-Up: Faribault Frontier Wool Blanket

100% Virgin Wool | Twin, Queen, & King Sizes | Weight: 10 lbs (queen) | Multiple styles | Price: $$$$

Faribault Wool Blanket

A world of coziness awaits with the Faribault Revival Stripe blanket. Our favorite aspect of this blanket is the sheer thickness and weight of the fabric, as it is jam-packed with 20.7 ounces of pure Merino wool per square yard. That equates to a solid 10 pounds for a standard queen-size, basically making it a super-soft weighted blanket. There is plenty of loft and protection to make you feel comfortable, but also enough room to breathe.

We gave it the silver medal instead of the gold because it’s a tad bit expensive. Yet, as you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, it’s worth investing in exceptional comfort and quality. Also, this blanket is so well-made – crafted by Minnesotans who know a thing or two about cold winters – that you’ll be able to pass this blanket onto the next generation. So, sleep in luxury and make the Faribault Revival Stripe blanket part of your family’s history.

Best Camp Blanket: Woolly Mammoth Rugged Wool Blanket

80% Merino Wool / 20% Synthetic | Size: 90″ x 66″ | Weight: 4 lbs | 7 colors | Price: $$

Curl up next to the campfire with this rugged Merino wool blanket crafted by Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co. The simplistic, minimalist design is a perfect addition to any outdoor adventure as it blends in with nature’s beauty. It only weighs 4lbs, so it shouldn’t be too cumbersome at your campsite.

The fabric and design themselves are what truly makes this blanket perfect for the outdoors. The milled finish offers a soft, luxurious feel to keep you cozy by creating a thicker, more dense material. The diagonal twill weave also provides comfort and even prevents stain visibility. Also, unlike more delicate Merino wool blankets, Woolly Mammoth uses some synthetic material and a longer Merino staple to improve durability and puncture resistance. They even double-stitched the edging to improve their blanket’s longevity.

Honestly, we think that the Woollen Mill Rugged Wool Blanket is well-engineered and crafted to withstand the wear and tear you usually will experience in the outdoors. On top of that, it’s relatively inexpensive and boasts one of the best price-to-quality ratios on our list. Keep one in your car or camp trailer, and enjoy the backcountry in comfort.

Best Knit Blanket: Chunky Wool Studio Merino Wool Blanket

100% Arm-Knit Merino Wool | Custom sizes | Weight varies | Multiple colors | Price: $$

Chunky Wool Studios Blanket

There’s nothing that says “I live a comfortable life” more than a chunky knit Merino wool blanket. Our favorite comes courtesy of Chunky Wool Studio on Etsy. All of their blankets come made to order so that you can customize the size and color to your liking. The arm-knitted fabric makes a perfect luxurious gift for any occasion.

You can also tell that Chunky Wool Studio are masters of their craft. Their super-soft, high-quality, and well-constructed blankets have nearly 1000 five-star reviews. You honestly won’t get this type of quality and a relatively fair price anywhere else on the internet.

If you are in the market for a chunky knit Merino blanket, be careful when shopping at some bigger stores. Many manufacturers falsely claim that they use Merino wool. Still, when you dig down deeper, it’s clear that they use acrylic fabric instead. With Chunky Wool Studio Merino blanket, you know you’re getting what is advertised.

Best Merino Blend: Desert Breeze Alpaca & Merino Blanket

50% Merino / 50% Alpaca | Queen size: 88″ x 72″ | Weight: 5.5 lbs | Tan & Brown color | Price: $$

What happens when you combine two of the best wools into one? A near-perfect blanket by Desert Breeze Distributing. Crafted in Peru with Merino and Alpaca yarn, this blanket provides excellent protection and warmth that you would typically experience in the mountains. Sure, you probably aren’t going to be facing any Andean-like conditions. However, you’ll still be cozy and snug under this blanket nonetheless. Strong polyester binding along the edges also provides reinforced durability and improved longevity.

The Merino/Alpaca blend itself is what makes this Desert Breeze blanket so intriguing. Both wool fibers are soft, but Alpaca fibers are straight, whereas Merino fibers have a natural crimp. The crimp allows for hot air pockets to better regulate temperature and create a thicker loft. On top of that, the blanket exterior is brushed during manufacturing to provide a fuzzy, soft texture. It’s the best of both wools, in one well-engineered blanket.

Best For Kids: Woolino 4-Season Dream Toddler Blanket

100% Merino Lining/ 100% Cotton Exterior | Size: 52″ x 40″ | Weight: 1.72 lbs | Price: $$

Any parent will tell you that a sleeping baby is a happy baby. With the Woolino Toddler Dream Blanket, the kids will be comfortable in dreamland while you get some well-deserved and much-needed rest.

Merino wool lines the Woolino 4-Season Dream Blanket, providing children with excellent temperature regulation and breathability. The blanket even stays warm when wet, so if your little one has a nighttime accident, you don’t have to worry about them getting cold. On top of that, the blanket’s exterior is expertly crafted from pure organic cotton, providing extra strength and durability.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a trusted brand like Woolino. They specialize in children’s comfort, and all of their products come with a top-notch guarantee. Give your child (or your friend’s children) a world of cozy slumber with Merino. They’ll count sheep – and be comforted by them – as they doze off under the Woolino 4-Season Toddler Dream Blanket.

Best For A Gift: Pendleton Heirloom Classic Wool Blanket

100% Merino Wool | Size: Twin, Queen, & King | Weight: Varies on size | Price: $$$$

Some blankets are all flash and no function, but that’s not the case with the Pendleton Heirloom Classic Wool Blanket. The 100% pure Merino fabric is breathable, soft, and comfortable, making it one of our favorite blankets on this list. The ends are even covered in satin for a more luxurious feel. One user even described the Heirloom Merino Blanket as a “cloud float” on top of your body while sleeping.

Pendleton mentions on their site that the Heirloom blanket is one of their top-rated wedding gifts due to the amount of possible customization. You can purchase it in various bedding sizes and even have it custom monogrammed and embroidered for the newlyweds. Give your loved ones a sleeping experience like no other, and create a classic heirloom for them to pass down to generations to come with the Pendleton Heirloom Classic Wool Blanket.

Best Lambswool: Faribault Pure & Simple Wool Blanket

100% Virgin Lambswool | Size: Twin | Weight: 3.8 lbs | Other colors available | Price: $$$

For those that take a more minimalist approach to life, the Faribault Pure & Simple Wool Blanket may be the perfect option for you. The soft, 100% virgin lambswool (similar properties to Merino wool) offers an extraordinary comfort level and regulates your body temperature efficiently. It will always keep you warm but will never make you feel hot.

The lightweight, 4-lb (queen-size) fabric is heavy enough to make you feel secure and gives you plenty of space to maneuver. And if you’re an active sleeper like myself, you need all the space you can get. Even though it’s odor-resistant, you can avoid the dry cleaners and throw them in the washer when the eventual time comes to wash them. Make sure to avoid the dryer with this blanket – and 95% of wool products for that matter.

Overall, the Faribault Pure & Simple Wool Blanket is elegant, functional, and the simplest form of comfort we could find. All of these features make it perfect for a modern minimalist’s lifestyle.

Best Irish Throw: John Hanly Merino Throw

100% Irish Merino Wool | Size: 75″ x 58″ | Also available in green-brown | Price: $$$$

If you are looking for an authentic blanket with a touch of culture, look no further. The John Hanly Irish Merino Throw by Biddy Murphy comes packed with history and comfort. The 100% pure Irish-sourced Merino wool is hand-sewn by the weavers at John Hanly. They have been crafting unique blankets, scarves, and other wool outerwear in County Tipperary, Ireland, since 1893. It has to be great if they’ve been around over a century, right?

Not only will this soft, 75″ x 58″ blanket feel amazing nestled against your skin, but it will also look amazing as part of your interior. The traditional yellow-stripe design (or green-brown color scheme) is an essential, timeless piece of decor. Make someone’s day by gifting them this Irish Merino wool throw, or be a little selfish and keep all this comfort for yourself.

Best Budget: Wolfmark Merino Wool Throw Blanket

100% Merino Wool (advertised) | Size: 72″ x 54″ | Weight: 1.3 lbs | Price: $

As you probably know by now, Merino wool blankets can be a bit expensive. If you’re new to the world of Merino, you may not want to shell out a few hundred dollars and put a dent in your bank account. Lucky for you, there are budget-friendly blanket options available, like the Wolfmark Merino throw blanket. The 72″ x 54″ throw is supposedly crafted from 100% Merino wool. The classic styling features a 3″ rope fringe that would look great draped on any sofa.

Note: While this blanket is advertised as pure Merino wool, many users have questioned this claim’s authenticity. Due to the lower price point, we believe that this blanket is most likely composed of sheep’s wool but is not precisely Merino. Yet, we still think it performs efficiently at a low price and would be a perfect starter blanket for those looking to accessorize their living room with wool.

Final Note On Merino Wool Blankets

Whichever Merino wool blanket that you choose, make sure you do the proper research before purchasing. As you see, these blankets can be expensive! We’ve done our best to provide you with the best objective information and reviews that we could.

Still, the final purchasing decision is up to you.

If you have any questions, criticisms, or review requests, make sure to contact us on Instagram or continue reading all of the information we have to offer!

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