You may know Merino wool as a soft, cozy material for t-shirts, underwear, bras, etc. While Merino is a staple of outdoor apparel, it’s gaining popularity across the entire clothing industry. This is because of wool’s natural fabric properties. And where these properties shine the most is with Merino wool shoes.

Since many of these shoes share similar qualities across brands, finding a pair that works best for you is challenging. That’s where we come in. We use our knowledge and expertise to test, review, and recommend our favorite Merino wool gear. 

The shoes on this list are the best the world of Merino wool has to offer. From gym sneakers to house slippers, slip-ons to slides, you’re bound to find a pair that fits your unique style.

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Why Should You Choose Merino Wool Shoes?

Listen, we may sound slightly biased since we’re wool lovers, but there are plenty of reasons why Merino wool shoes are better than traditional ones. Moreover, there’s actual evidence to back up our claims. Let’s take a closer look!

Lightweight Comfort

In our not-so-expert opinion, Merino wool is the most comfortable of all the shoe materials. Many designs feature a knitted Merino wool upper that is flexible yet supportive. It accommodates nearly any foot shape. Plus, the soles are cushioned and adaptable. These features help you avoid blisters and chafing while increasing your comfort.

Yet the cozy foot feel means nothing if your feet are sweating. Fortunately, Merino wool shoes are lightweight and breathable, so your feet should stay dry. You can even wear most of them without socks, and they won’t stink!

Unique Style

Various Women's Merino wool shoes

This isn’t your Grandma’s wool.

Merino wool shoes have a luxurious look with a timeless style. Many have a unique textured pattern that is versatile. You wouldn’t be able to wear Nike running shoes with a cardigan or dress, but you can rock both with most Merino wool shoes.

In addition, they come in more mature, tasteful colors, so they better blend into your wardrobe. And since there are Merino wool sneakers, slip-ons, flats, slides, or boots, there is bound to be a style to fit your style.

Sustainability Queen

We’ve written extensively about Merino wool’s sustainable and ethical properties. In short, the sheep eat the grass, soak up the sun, and live a happy free life. And happy sheep produce high-quality wool. 

Although, many brands – Merino wool or not – use greenwashing practices to sell you on sustainability. So, the best thing you can do is understand and investigate these claims to be the judge for yourself. Just like we do! Regarding Merino wool shoes, take special note of each shoe’s sustainability claims.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Let’s be honest; feet are nasty.

And not washing your shoes is like not washing your laundry. Luckily, unlike traditional shoes, it’s much easier to care for Merino wool shoes. Most are machine washable and come with replaceable soles.

Moreover, Merino wool doesn’t stink! Its odor-resistance properties mean better foot hygiene. You can even go sock-less in the summer, and they won’t smell. If they stink, throw them in the wash (unless otherwise specified).

Editor’s Pick

Allbirds Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles

100% Merino uppers (natural rubber outsole) | 6 colors (+seasonal) | Sizes 5-11 (whole) | Price: $$$

Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles

Pros: Water-repellent finish & anti-slip soles | Excellent color selection | Sustainable materials

Cons: Softer versions available | Laces may be too short for some

These Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles are my go-to, everyday Merino wool shoe. Functional. Fashionable. Eco-friendly. What the ‘F’ more could you want?

What I love most about these shoes is their water-repellent finish and added traction. This added weather protection comes in the clutch since I like to walk to work (and yes, I’m wearing my dapple gray ones right now). Previously, I had a pair of Allbirds Wool Runners, but they could have a better grip. In comparison, I can genuinely tell how much better the Mizzles perform during wet conditions.

On the fashion side, you can wear the mizzles with nearly any casual outfit, but they go better with an athleisure style. Still, these Merino wool sneakers have a simple elegance, so you won’t always look like you’re coming back from the gym. Moreover, Allbirds seasonally releases new colors, so there definitely will be a pair that matches your personal style.

While functional and fashionable, the best thing about the Mizzles is their sustainability. Merino wool is sustainable itself, yet Allbirds walks the extra mile to ensure these shoes meet the highest environmental and ethical standards. They use ZQ-certified Merino which is all about the ethical treatment of sheep. Also, the midsole comes from sugarcane, and the laces come from recycled plastic bottles. These are some of the most sustainable Merino wool shoes on the market!

Overall, I would give these Allbirds a 9.5/10. The half-point off is for the specialized coating as it may not work as well after a few washes. When you grab a pair, I recommend you spot-clean your Mizzles to maintain their water-repellent properties.

“Runner” Up (Value Pick)

LeMouton Lightweight Merino Wool Shoes

100% Merino wool lining (73% outer) | 5 colors | Sizes 6-9 (whole) | Price: $$

Pros: Keeps your feet dry | Machine washable | Great for wide feet

Cons: Sizing difficulties | Manufacturing inconsistencies

As you’ll see, many of the shoes on this list are expensive. Like, really expensive. We understand that this is one of the disadvantages of Merino wool. And so does LeMouton. While their lightweight wool sneakers may not look inexpensive at first glance, they are the best value pick compared to other Merino wool shoes.

One of the reasons it’s less expensive is because the outer is only 73% Merino wool, while many other shoes use 100%. Although, this doesn’t reduce the overall quality of the shoe. In fact, the blended Merino outer helps to strengthen the material. And since the lining is 100% wool, you still get the same softness and comfort as the other shoes on this list.

In terms of comfort, these LeMouton sneakers are on par with the other Merino wool shoes. They weigh about half as much as traditional sneakers and are highly flexible. Although, due to this adaptability, there is minimal arch support. So if you need orthotics, make sure you consult the sizing charts.

Overall, these LeMouton lightweight sneakers are a great everyday shoe with tons of versatility. They have a more casual look – including an odd logo placement – but are still comparable to the other shoes you will read about today. And, they don’t cost as much! Win-win!

Best Merino Wool Gym Shoes

Merinos Women’s Lace-Ups

~100% Merino uppers (rubber sole) | 20+ colors | Sizes 6-12 (whole + wide) | Price: $$

Pros: Comfy & flexible | Relatively affordable | Ethically & sustainably sourced

Cons: Narrow toe box | Minimal bottom cushioning

Merino wool sneakers are an excellent choice for the gym due to their comfort and odor-prevention properties. They are flexible enough to move with you and provide enough support for high-intensity movements. And our favorite Merino wool gym shoes are these lace-ups from Merinos shoes. They should never stink up your gym bag!

Although these are great gym shoes, we wouldn’t necessarily consider them athletic shoes. There is minimal bottom cushioning, which isn’t the best for long runs. The toe box is slightly narrow, which may make them feel uncomfortable on uneven terrain. However, they are an excellent choice for your average trip to the gym.

One of the main advantages of Merinos, as compared to other shoe brands, is that there are wide sizes available. Therefore, you should be okay with the toe box if you have broad feet. Also, since they’re super lightweight (less than one pound per pair), you can save the heavy lifting for the squat rack.

Finally, we love the wide selection of colors that Merinos offers. Not only are there unique shades like lavender, camel, and mist green, but they have almost every neutral color you can imagine. And if you don’t like the lace-up style but love the color, they also offer the same options in a slip-on. Check out their whole collection below!

Best Casual Merino Wool Sneakers

Giesswein Wool Sneaker

~100% Merino (EVA sole) | 14 colors | Sizes 5-11 (whole) | Price: $$$

Giesswein Wool Sneaker Various Colors

Pros: Timeless design | Unique color variety | Super lightweight

Cons: Must break-in | Sizing discrepancies

A fantastic mix of relaxed comfort and style, the Giesswein wool sneakers are our favorite pair of casual Merino wool shoes. They are super lightweight and have an airy feel. Plus, you can dress them up or down as they come in several stylish pastel colors (which are selling fast).

These shoes scream “summer.” Since there is a stretchy Merino wool layer, the uppers move with you, not against you. Combined with the lightweight soles, it almost feels like walking barefoot. And since Merino wool is so comfy and doesn’t stink, you can wear them barefoot. If they smell a little, throw them in the wash or replace the insole!

While the comfort of these sneakers should hold up throughout the day, it’s important to note that there are better options if you plan on being on your feet all day. For example, Giesswein has more athletic Merino wool shoes that are better for physical activities. Again, these sneakers are comfortable, but you may have to break them in to avoid unwanted heel blisters.

Overall, if you’re looking for a classic sneaker – nothing too flashy or athletic – this Giesweinn wool sneaker should be your top choice. Although, with their popularity, the colors and sizes tend to go quickly. So, head on over to Giesweinn to check their availability.

Best Merino Wool Slip-Ons

Woolloomooloo Suffolk Slip-On

 100% seamless Merino upper | 10 colors | Sizes 6-12 (whole) | Price: $$$$

Woolloomooloo Suffolk Slip Ons Blue

Pros: Exceptionally breathable | Easy to slip on | Fits orthotics

Cons: Somewhat expensive | Not the warmest

Did you know that 80% of the world’s Merino wool comes from Australia? So, it should be no surprise that the Aussies know a thing or two about wool clothing. And these Suffolk Merino wool slip-ons by Woolloomooloo Shoes (named after a trendy district in Sydney) are an example of Australian wool expertise.

While many shoe brands may boil or filter their Merino wool during manufacturing, Woolloomooloo Shoes uses a different approach. They use knitted Merino wool in their shoes. Well, digitally knitted Merino wool, to be exact. This process creates better consistency throughout their products and enhances wool’s natural properties like elasticity and breathability.

These Suffolk shoes are comfortable and stylish. The sustainably-sourced wool offers such a lush ‘foot feel’ that you don’t even have to wear them with socks. Moreover, the classic design works with a dress, jeans, or anything else. Although, we do prefer a pair of ultralight no-show socks in the spring and fall for warmth. This unique combination of style and comfort is why we love these Merino wool slip-ons.

Finally, these are a tad expensive in terms of price, but they’re worth it. Plus, they have exciting colors like tangerine, denim, and mustard. So, head on over to Woolloomooloo Shoes. Grab a pair or two. One red, one blue? 

Best Women’s Merino Wool Flats

Baabuk Wool Ballerina

Portuguese wool upper & inner | 6 colors | Sizes 6-11.5 (mixed)| Price: $$$

Baabuk Wool Ballerina Shoes Various Colors

Pros: Super flexible & comfy | Elegant design | Made with mulesing-free wool

Cons: Not the best for wide feet | Minimal foot/arch support

A flexible shoe for a flexible lifestyle, these Baabuk Ballerinas are our favorite Merino wool flats. We consider them great travel shoes due to their packability, style, and comfort. And the soft Portuguese wool is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about wandering off the beaten path.

These ballet-style flats are well-constructed and shouldn’t wear too much over time. However, due to their shape, they may not fit your foot type. Baabuk understands this. They even mention that if you have wide feet, you “are encouraged” to try other styles instead.

Although, what sets these flats apart from the rest is their versatility. You can wear them with something formal like a dress or skirt (basically any situation where you would wear heels). However, they look just as good paired with jeans and a cardigan. In my experience, these shoes should go well with about 50% of your wardrobe.

Finally, I love how these shoes come in neutral and loud colors. Baabuk offers the basics, like black and cream, but they also have two-toned options that make a statement. So, if you want to make a statement – and have super comfy shoes – check out the various styles over on Baabuk.

Best Women’ Merino Wool Boots

Rothy’s The Ankle Boot

Eco-blended Merino wool | 2 colors | Sizes 5-12.5 (half) | Price: $$$$$

Rothy's Merino Wool Boot Brown

Pros: Stylish & versatile | High-quality construction | Machine washable

Cons: May need a shoe horn to put on | Expensive

Six plastic bottles and one happy Merino sheep; that’s what it takes to make one heck of a boot. These Rothy’s Ankle Boots use a unique blend of Merino wool and recycled plastic with padded insoles and vegan leather outsoles. When you’re wearing them, they not only feel soft and comfortable, but you also get the peace of mind knowing that they’re eco-friendly.

In terms of style, these Merino wool boots are the most fashionable we’ve tried. They are professional enough for the office but still casual enough for happy hour. That’s because the Chelsea boot is already a timeless design, plus you got all the added comfort of Merino! Yet, unlike other Merino wool shoes, these have a more rigid construction. They are supposed to be snug, but they may not be the best for you if you have wide feet or don’t like the square toe box.

Since they don’t stretch as much, putting them on and taking them off is sometimes challenging. Rothy’s does include a pull tab and stretch webbing for a more accessible entrance and exit. These features help, but we always recommend using a shoe horn to maintain structural integrity.

The style, quality, and comfort of these Merino wool ankle boots are top-tier, but we love something else even more. They are actually machine washable. It’s great! You don’t have to worry about buying random shoe care products. Just throw them in the wash, and you’re good to go. And if you take good care of them, these Rothy’s boots will hold up for years.

Best Merino Wool Clogs

Stegmann Original 108 Wool Clog

Merino wool upper (cork cushioning) | 8 colors | Sizes 6-11 (half) | Price: $$$$

Pros: Enhanced comfort features | Broad toe box | Extra arch support

Cons: Too wide for some | Not the most stylish

If you work on your feet all day, you appreciate the importance of high-quality, comfortable shoes. And the Stegmann 108 wool clogs are some of the comfiest shoes on this list. Even if you sit behind a desk, you can still benefit from these classic and functional Merino wool clogs.

Almost every feature of these clogs centers around comfort. The Merino wool upper is soft and warm, and since it’s seamless, your feet shouldn’t be bothered by any stitching. The shape of the thick cork sole provides extra arch and toe support with a general medium cushion level. Moreover, the wide toe box offers a more roomy feel, so your feet don’t feel cramped. Although, if you have narrow feet, it might feel like there is too much room.

When it comes to the overall style, I only have a little to say. Yes, these clogs look a little like Grandma shoes. But they are so comfy. And it’s nice that they come in half-a-dozen colors, but I still don’t wear them outside the house. Yet who am I to judge if you want to rock them around town?

Overall, the Stegmann 108 clogs are perfect for people who prioritize comfort throughout the day. And yes, they may not be the most stylish pair of Merino wool shoes on this list, but they sure are the most comfortable!

Best Merino Wool Slides

Nootkas Aurora Slides

Mongolian Merino wool uppers | 2 colors | Sizes 36-41 (EU) | Price: $$

Nootkas Womens Aurora Merino Wool Slides Gray

Pros: Unique open toe design | Handcrafted | Indoor & outdoor use

Cons: Size & color availability | May feel narrow near the toe

Merino wool – checks notes – sandals? Yes, you read that right. Meet the Nootkas Aurora Slide sandals. These soft, comfy hybrid slides are great for working from home, taking the dog out, or running around town (well, walking around town). Using hand-felted Mongolian Merino wool for the uppers and other natural materials, these shoes are of the highest quality, inside and out.

While we would classify these Merino wool slides as summer house shoes or slippers, they can still be worn away from home. Nootkas emphasizes this versatility as they have added features to enhance it. They use a ‘zero-drop‘ construction for improved foot alignment and overall posture. There is a high arch, cushioning, and room for inserts. These additional features offer extra support throughout the day while the rubber soles protect the shoe’s integrity.

In terms of fit, these Merino wool slides are a bit odd. Although it feels breezy and open, the toe box may feel cramped for some. It’s tapered, similar to a dress shoe, and doesn’t always work with wide feet. Also, the length of these slides tends to run long. So, you should go half a size down if you’re skeptical.

Overall, we love the Nootkas Aurora Slides’ unique design and style. They truly make an ideal indoor/outdoor summer shoe. Our only real con is that they are just two color options and limited sizes. Hopefully, Nootkas will add more options to their collection, but in the meantime, if you like these slides, grab your size before they’re gone!

Best Merino Wool House Shoes

Kyrgies Tengries Walkabouts

Merino felt uppers (rubber soles) | 6 colors | Sizes 35-44 (EU) | Price: $$$

Kyrgies Tengries Womes Merino Wool Shoes Beige

Pros: Super warm yet breathable | Flexible construction adds comfort | Non-slip soles

Cons: Not suitable for wet conditions | Sometimes hard to put on

Another great pair of shoes to work from home or at the office, the Kygries Tengries Walkabouts are a fantastic combination of comfort and style. These “house shoes” use 100% felted wool uppers handcrafted by artisans in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Yet unlike Kygries most-popular slipper with a leather sole, the Walkabouts’ sole is vulcanized milk rubber. The crepe-style sole provides added structure, improves grip, and helps reduce heat loss from the bottom of your feet. And as someone whose toes always get cold, I appreciate the extra warmth.

The adaptable construction sets Kygries apart from other Merino wool slippers. The two-panel design adds flexibility and comfort, making them nearly form-fitting. Plus, this design feature enhances the overall style of the shoe. They look much more professional and work-appropriate than your typical Merino wool slipper. So, when you return to the office, pack them in your bag!

Despite the coziness and adaptability, these indoor/outdoor Merino wool shoes may take some time to break in. We suggest taking a couple of laps around the house when you first get them. Also, some users have noted that they can be challenging to slip on at times. Although, I haven’t had any issues since I usually use a shoe horn. And once they are on, I wear them for the rest of the day!

Best Merino Wool Slippers

Giesswein Women’s High Hi-Top Slippers

Merino wool blend | 7 colors | Sizes 4-15 (whole) | Price: $$$

Pros: Soft, luxurious feel | Provides cozy warmth | Rubber sole for quick trips outside

Cons: Sizing discrepancies | Long-term durability concerns

Simple, soft, snug, and super warm, I love these Giesweinn Hi-Top slippers. They are easy to slide on (almost like socks) at the end of a long workday. The natural latex sole isn’t rigid, perfect for kicking my feet up on the couch. Moreover, the sole is cushioned, which is fantastic since I mostly have tile and hardwood flooring. When I wear them around the house, it almost feels like I’m walking barefoot on a cloud! Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the point.

But the best part of these Merino wool slippers is their warmth-to-weight ratio. While they are somewhat lightweight, they provide the same temperature regulation as the fuzziest slippers. I especially love the knitted cuff as it adds not only warmth but a little bit of style. All these features add to the overall cozy vibe of these slippers.

Yet, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows. Some users have reported durability concerns as the sole tends to wear out after about two years, depending if you wear them outside or not. To avoid this issue, I don’t wear mine out of the house, although I sometimes wear them on the patio for a quiet morning coffee.

These Giesswein Hi-Top Merino wool slippers will make a great addition to your at-home wardrobe. They are just so darn cozy. So, put on your slippers, make some tea, turn on some lo-fi, grab your favorite blanket, and get so darn cozy.

Final Note About The Best Merino Wool Shoes For Women

I hope you enjoyed our compilation of the best Merino wool shoes for women and found a pair to add to your closet. You also got to learn about Merino wool’s versatility as a material and its beneficial natural properties.

So, if you want to keep expanding your wardrobe to include more Merino wool, check out the rest of our site, follow us on any of the Socials below, or subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll keep you updated on the best deals, discounts, and sales on all your favorite Merino wool gear!

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